Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Sweet 17 Garden Party

This garden party was nothing like Manuela's garden party last week (her party was beautiful and you should check it out if you didn't get to stop by already). I'm talking about the party held for the World Champions ... THE BOSTON CELTICS!!! It has been so long since we've been able to celebrate in "The Garden." We've actually never celebrated a championship game win in the new Garden until last night.

Back in the day, I had obstructed view season tickets and had to bend down to see the tip of the opposing side basket. We didn't care though because it was just fun to be at the game. Most nights we were able to sneak down into the lodges and sit in the good seats until someone came to kick us out of them and then we just kept bouncing around. I remember sitting on the parquet floor with the photographers at a championship game against the Lakers in 1986. I was only pretending to take pictures because I had run out of film (digital hadn't been invented yet). Those were the days. Unfortunately, I couldn't give my tickets away during the lean years so I had to give up my season tickets but was just as happy watching the games on my big screen tv.

It makes me feel old to think that some of you aren't old enough to remember when a bunch of clumsy looking white guys ruled the court. What an amazing season - Sweet 17! I've been up late every other night watching the comeback kids finally beat our west coast rivals.

Everyone in the city was wearing green today and I get to go to a parade tomorrow during lunch. I love parades!

If you like sports, there really is no better place to live than Boston.

Congratulations to the BOSTON CELTICS!!

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