Friday, February 11, 2011

Perfect Weight Loss Plan

Jenny C., WW, Atkins, South Beach, Nutri-System, Calorie Counting, Cabbage Soup, Slim-Fast, Starvation, Binge/Purge ... you can lose weight using any weight loss program out there if you stick to it. Some methods are dangerous, some are expensive, some are time consuming, some are tried and true and healthier than others but if you can't see yourself doing it for the rest of your life and think once you get the weight off you can go back to eating like you did before you are setting yourself up to fail.

I can't tell you how many times I thought I had my weight problem licked after losing 60+ pounds only to regain it in record time and end up fatter than I was before I started the life-changing diet.

This time was different. Nothing, I mean, absolutely nothing, was off limits. I've had cake, cookies, pasta, bread, alcohol, you name it, I've eaten it and still lost weight. The difference this time is I've only had what I really wanted. I stayed away from the boxed crap and only indulged if I REALLY wanted it. If I took a few bites and it wasn't as good as I expected it to be, I didn't finish it.

I've also put in more time at the gym than I ever have before. I learned how amazing an endorphin high can be and I've become addicted to cardio kickboxing. I absolutely love how I feel after getting good and sweaty at the gym. Some days it is a struggle to get there but it is always worth it.

I read so many blogs where people moan about not being able to eat chocolate or go out to dinner with friends because of the temptations they will face. Dieting shouldn't take over your life. You need to find one that works with your life and one that you can do for the rest of your life. I never thought I'd be saying this but if I can do it, you can too. Find what works for you and stick with it, be consistent and never give up.

What works for you?

Monday, February 7, 2011

Why Be Normal?

"Normal" is relative. What is normal for you or me may seem totally bat-shit crazy to someone else. Most of my friends are unusual characters, not crazy people, just unique individuals. I've always gravitated towards people who have strong personalities, don't tend to run with the masses or even care what the masses think, and march to the beat of their own drum.

I always thought that being "Normal" was overrated. Who wants to be normal? Normal is boring and in the case of the BMI chart can be total bull. Still, when it comes to the BMI chart, I've been dreaming of being considered "Normal" and can't believe how close I'm getting to that "Normal" line. Check out the snapshot of my Wii screen showing my BMI graph. In November 2009 my BMI was over 40 which is the Morbidly Obese range and now I'm hovering just above "Normal."
I have no intention of getting down to the recommended BMI for my height because I think I would look scary skinny at that weight (129) and it would be almost impossible for me to maintain it without severe food restrictions and hours at the gym daily. I really like my curves and have every intention of keeping them so I'm shooting for the high end of the BMI "Normal" range.

I was so excited the first day my Wii stopped saying "that's OBESE," and instead said "that's OVERWEIGHT." I can't wait to tell me I'm "NORMAL."

What do you think about the BMI chart? Do you think it's an accurate measure? or total bull?

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snow Way!

Not again! Mother Nature keeps throwing a wrench into my workout plans. For the second time in the past two weeks I shoveled out my driveway, and hopped on a bus and a train to make it into Boston only to find out that my kickboxing class had been cancelled. I called the gym twice before I left yesterday morning to confirm that the class was still on and they assured me it was. As soon as I got off the train in Boston I got an e-mail notice saying it was cancelled due to the weather. I was not a very happy camper. I only got a three week trial membership to this gym so I could attend these kickboxing classes and they keep getting cancelled. I think I'm going to ask them to give me another week to make up for the classes that were cancelled. It's only fair, right?

I don't understand why everyone is so afraid of a little snow these days? Two inches of snow is cause for breaking news reports. It seems like they start closing things down as soon as the first flakes start flying. We barely had two inches on the ground but they were ready to close up and go home. When I was a kid we had to have blizzard conditions before they would even close the schools, now they seem to shut down for a flurry.

I was really looking forward to getting my ass kicked but I decided to make the best of it so it wasn't a totally wasted trip. I ended up having lunch with my friend and then decided to treat myself to a manicure. I also stopped in to see my jeweler so I could get some ring guards for my rings. I was getting nervous because they were getting so loose but didn't want to have them resized until I lose another 20 pounds or so and get closer to my goal weight. At least my rings are secure now.

They better not cancel my class again on Thursday. I wish people would just suck it up and deal with it. It's nothing new. This is winter in New England. It's going to be cold and there will be snow. UGGHHH!! Maybe I should invest in a punching bag so I can let out some of these steam. At least I've been getting some good workouts shoveling.

Hope you are staying warm and enjoying the beauty of the season.

Let is snow, let it snow, let is snow (but please don't cancel my class ;).