Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Amazing Adventures of DIETGIRL

I had been anxiously awaiting The Amazing Adventures of DIETGIRL to hit the states so I dropped the book I was reading and rushed right out, through ice and snow, to get myself a copy. It was worth the shoveling, ice scraping and wait. I'm a bit jealous we didn't get the version with the foxy Aussie lass flying in her superhero garb on the cover (we got the pretty pink tape measure) but we all know you can't judge a book by its cover; it's the inside that counts.

DIETGIRL a/k/a Shauna Reid is currently on a whirlwind virtual book tour where you can read interviews, listen to podcasts and even win a copy of the book. I'm not ready to give my copy up yet, I plan on reading it few more times, so you'll have to buy it yourself or win it somewhere else (sorry).

DIETGIRL started Operation Lard Bust after watching her big knickers blowing in the breeze when she weighed in at over 350 pounds. She knew there was no fat loss fairy, she wasn't going to be rescued, she would have to be her own superhero. She had Fat Girl Freak-Outs, she battled her kryptonite and Nutella obsession, moved to another country and completely changed her lifestyle instead of hiding in the house using her fat as an excuse not to LIVE her life.

Shauna has been making me laugh and inspiring me (and every other weight loss blogger) for years on her blog so I already knew I loved her style and knew there would be a happy ending but that didn't stop me from cheering her on. Shauna Reid is a real life superhero of weight loss and now she is a successful published author in numerous countries and lives a happy and healthy life with her adorable, supportive Scottish husband. She is my hero. Way to go Shauna!

Like MizFit, I dogeared so many pages of my favorite passages that they outnumbered the pages that were not marked. I felt the pain of every Fat Girl Freak-Out and the joy of every pound she lost. Even after losing a substantial amount of lard she had to get it through her head that she wasn't that Fat Girl anymore. She learned something funny about losing a stack of weight "Nothing really changes. All that happens is that you lose the thing upon which you used to hang all your neuroses. It's a scapegoat and a handy excuse."

Even after losing more than 100 pounds she still struggled stating "I wish I could get over this 'Quick! Eat! While No One's Looking!' mentality. The world is not going to run out of ice cream. It's always going to be there, so I'm not going to be deprived of some wild pleasure if I leave it alone for a while."

Shauna gives the best advice when she says "Weight loss isn't about willpower or motivation; it's just the cumulative effect of tiny actions over time. Putting down the chocolate bars, putting on the running shoes. You just have to keep picking yourself up when you fall, over and over again, for however long it takes."

This Aussie weight loss superhero is adorable, witty, charming and fun to read. The book chronicles over 333 weeks of lard busting adventures and if you flip the pages fast enough you can watch DIETGIRL shrink and FLY.



  1. I just got my copy from Amazon today. I can't wait to start reading it tonight. It will now probably join PastaQueen's book as my occasional re-reads to gain new perspective at different points in my own journey.

  2. Hey--we decided to read "The Color Purple" to get us warmed up for the club.

    I mentioned "The Book Thief" and it got a nod from all as they've heard of it too. One day, MB, one day!

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