Sunday, March 16, 2008

Getting Out

After five weeks of playing nurse, dealing with all the stress and b.s. at work and being trapped in the crowded city, we finally made it up to Vermont for the weekend but it was anything but a smooth ride up. When we were only 10+ miles into our 160 mile ride Friday night we got a flat tire. Really?, a flat tire?, I must be joking right? My week/month/year hasn't been bad enough? At least it was still light out (thank you daylight savings) and we were close enough to call for help because you don't think it would be a simple tire change do you?

B and I struggled to change the tire because we couldn't get the locking lug off. B was bending, lifting, straining and probably setting his recovery back at least a week trying to get the damn thing unlocked. We just had the front breaks done a couple of weeks ago and they must have put the locking lugs on with an air gun in addition to the key looking a little stripped. I ended up walking to a gas station to get fix-a-flat ($13 for 2 cans) but we couldn't drive another 150 miles with just fix-a-flat. We ended up limping to a gas station and having B's Dad come up with some tools so we could try to get the locking lug off and change the tire but it wouldn't budge.

B ended up having his Dad drive him to the hardware store so he could buy a plug kit, he plugged the hole, filled it with air and then we were finally on our way - only a few hours behind schedule. Plugging a tire is so easy and can save you a lot of money for a simple tire puncture. We carry the plugs when we're on the ATVs in the woods with a small compressor we plug into the lighter but they work just as good on a car or truck if you have access to air.

We had friends go up early in the day so they had the wood stove and the hot tub cranking by the time we got there. I was finally able to breathe fresh air deep into my lungs and wake up to lightly fallen snow and wind chimes instead of sirens, horns, and bus brakes squealing. I was glad we had friends up so they could stay at the camp and keep B company for the day while I went riding Saturday.

It was the first time I ever went riding without B and I've been riding for about 15 years (driving my own sled since '97). I felt a little guilty going out all day but B had friends to keep him entertained and there are only so many days left to ride. Spring is only a week away and the trails officially close on April 15th. It felt great to be out on the trails but it was weird without B. My "other boyfriend" GP (one of the guys that was with us when B broke his back) went riding with me and every time we stopped and took a break we kept saying "f'n B had to go and break his back and ruin our season. What the hell was he thinking? He should be here with us. Poor B."

I definitely missed out on the best snow conditions the past month. Our ride was a bit slushy and mushy with some snirt and mud thrown in here and there. There were a couple of miles in the higher elevations that did have some pristine stretches of trail so I was able to get my fix before it all melts and I have to start counting the days until next season.

It was rejuvenating to get out and clear my head. When I got back to the camp they had a bonfire going (after finding and shoveling out the fire pit) and the most amazing steaks cooking on the grill. I was so happy to get up there, go riding and finally enjoy myself a little.
Too bad the weekends are so short. I hope you were able to get out and enjoy your weekend.

Is it Friday yet?


  1. oh I hear you...weekends are NEVER long enough. the flat tire sucks, but it still sounds like you had a nice time!

  2. Oh man, I can't believe you got a flat tire on the way! I'm glad you made it up there and got to ride a bit even if B had to miss out. Hope you get to enjoy more before the warm weather gets here!

  3. Did I know that you came up here, and just forgot? Maybe sometime we'll have to meet for coffee ;)

    I HATE flat tires, especially out here. I never knew what a frostheave was until we moved here either. But the snow hasn't been all that wonderful over the past month... really just icy. Glad you had fun going riding!

  4. Glad you got out but too bad about the tire. My sister and brother-in-law are also avid riders.

    I'll have to try it once. BTW--I LOVE VERMONT!! That whole are there makes me feel like I'm still in Canada. The drivers there (at least when I went) are so polite!

    Take care.

  5. Heather and Scale Junkie: Thanks for stopping by.

    Savy: I would love to get together for coffee sometime. Not sure how far you are (VT is pretty big) but I love to drive around the state. A frost heave almost swallowed us this weekend.

    Manuela: VT drivers are so different than Boston drivers. It is still a beautiful place and a lot like Canada. I'm going to have to get a passport now so we can get up there again. :)


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