Friday, February 8, 2008

Happy Days

This post has nothing to do with Fonzi and the gang but I thought I would interrupt this regularly scheduled bitch and moan session about my weight loss (or lack thereof) to talk of happier things in my life. After reading through some of my posts I realized that I come across as rather sad and desperate but the truth is I am not as miserable as this blog makes me sound. My angst over my weight is always in the back of my mind but I do manage to have fun in spite of the fat.

While I don't like my job I make a decent paycheck that allows me to escape the city on the weekends and head north to Vermont. It is like a two day vacation every week because it is such a drastic change from living and working in the city. B and I bought a small camp about 9 years ago and we've been going there constantly ever since. Even though B has been out of work (again/still) which certainly puts a strain on our relationship we are happy together and just celebrated our 25th anniversary. Maybe we'll make it legal someday but that piece of paper was never really important to me but things change when you get older and you never know what could happen if we ever make that trip to Vegas.

B and I both upgraded to newer snowmobiles this year and we got well over a foot of snow in Vermont this week so we're planning on three days of good riding. I'm taking a vacation day Monday, next Monday is a holiday (happy b-day presidents), and then the following week I'm taking the week off. I hope we get even more snow so we can ride all over the state. The snowmobile season has been pretty lame the past few years (damn that global warming) so we're really excited about being able to ride in some great conditions. I'm so excited. I can't wait to ride.

I hope you all have a great weekend and if you live in the northeast get out and enjoy the snow!

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!!!


  1. WOW, I almost want to come live with you for a week until I remember how bloody cold snow is. Sounds like you have a lot of fun :)

  2. I dont think you come across that way at all! plus, its your blog. if you cant bitch and vent here, then whats the point? sometimes writing is the best way to deal with things and while normally in life you may be positive and happy, sometimes what comes out in writing is all the negative things you deal with and thats totally normal.


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