Thursday, October 8, 2009

Go Ahead - Make My Day

There is one surefire way to make a 40+ year old woman feel good - card her. B and I went to our favorite Chinese restaurant last night and ordered a volcano bowl to share (mmm...volcano bowl). After the waiter took our order he walked away and returned a minute later to ask for my ID. I could have kissed him. I said "me?" "really?" "how old do you think I am?" "THANK YOU!"

Before I hit legal drinking age many moons ago, I used to pray I wouldn't get carded but when it happens now it makes my day. I think one of the only positive things about being overweight is that it plumps out the wrinkles and makes you look younger. I'd gladly trade 80+- pounds for a few wrinkles though.

*Updated to add photo of Volcano Bowl for those who said they've never seen/heard of them.


  1. I need to be carded, dammit!


  2. I LOVE when that happens.

    You're right about the plump face. When I finally lost all the weight I looked older because the bones are more prominent but you know what? A new haircut fixed that up!

    BTW, what is a volcano bowl? I've never heard of that.

  3. Brilliant!
    Pupil: Miss, how old are you?
    Me: I'm 30, dear.
    Pupil: Ooooh, Miss, we thought you were about 22 or something!
    Bless her. I loved it! LOL

    Unfortunately they also sometimes say they think I'm 38 or there abouts. :(

  4. I remember as a college student being carded for a rated R movie, while my younger brother (still in high school at the time) wasn't. I was raging mad. Are you kidding me?

    Now? I get a stupid, goofy grin on my face when I'm carded. I swear, people carding me could probably tell me to put my ID away without seeing it because no one younger than 21 would ever act so proud. hahaha.

  5. Hilly: You look fantastic - I would card you for sure.

    Manuela: A volcano bowl is a rum/fruit juice drink (you may have heard of a scorpian bowl) that is served in most Chinese restaurants. They serve it in a big bowl that has a little bowl in the middle they put the 151 rum in and then light the alcohol on fire. We never have them light it though 'cause who is crazy enough to burn the booze? I'll edit the post and add a picture of it.

    Me: I still remember thinking adults who were over 30 were ancient when I was a kid. Pfft.

    SoMi's Nilsa: You are so right. I used to be furious when I got carded before I turned 21 ... now it is something to celebrate. ;)

  6. I dunno. I'm enjoying the weight loss, but these new wrinkles are driving me crazy. :)

    I've never heard of or had a volcano bowl! I'll add it to the list of things to try.

  7. OMG, I have never seen a volcano bowl. That is so cool!

    I have never been carded. I think I looked like I was 30 when I was 12. LOL. I am not kidding. I was um, very mature (looking) for my age!

    I actually seem to get younger looking as I get older :-)

  8. That happened to me a couple years ago too. I thought the guy was kidding. He said, "We card anyone who appears under the age of 30." Under 30- woo hoo! I'll take it!

    I looked all around your blog for an email address for you but couldn't find one. I have a question.. would you please email me at ?

  9. Cammy: If you extend your travels to Boston I'll buy you a volcano bowl ;)

    Brooke: You are lucky! I always looked older but I think it's starting to even out now.

    LisaMM: I'd take under 30 too.

    POD: Sorry - Dammit!


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