Monday, October 5, 2009


I am so STRESSED OUT! Yeah, I know, nothing new here, right? I don't think I can handle it much longer without medicinal intervention.

My days at my current job are definitely numbered. Now if I could only find a new job so I could begin the countdown. Damn crumbling economy, when is the job market going to turn around?

I go to the office every day thinking "will today be the day I run screaming from this place?" I once worked with a girl who wasn't nearly as stressed out as I am these days who ran out of the office screaming "F*CK YOU! F*CK ALL OF YOU!" and was never to be seen again. I wish I had the balls and the padded bank account to do that. She is my hero.

The worst part about being so miserable at work is I've been trying to numb myself in the afternoon by inhaling chocolate and caffeine. It's not good. Maybe it's time to see a doctor about getting some pills to chew on instead of chocolate. I think there is a reason why STRESSED is DESSERTS spelled backwards. Why can't an apple or banana make me feel as good as a chocolate bar?

Any suggestions on how I can make it through 40 hours a week in a miserable position and resist the urge to stuff my face or stab my boss?

Is it Friday yet?


  1. Now is the time to sit down and make a plan and prepare for leaving your job. This means to open an account and sock away any and all money you can to get the cushion.

    Start researching other job/career possibilities and what the realities are in your area.

    It's tough working in a position where you are unhappy, but know that situations can change in an instant.

  2. I'm so sorry :(

    I agree start planning now for leaving. It is inevitable. Why not just try to apply to some places now? You never know! Your health is not worth this stress.

    If it is at all financially viable to take something else...I would do it. I think you would be a lot happier.

    Do a google on the blog...'Oh she glows.' She wrote a post today about this very thing. It may help you.

  3. Hey...I found the post!

  4. I hope you find a way to improve the situation soon!!
    I have no career advice to give but definitely find a way to relieve the stress! Do something you LOVE or SWEAT away at the gym/park. You can also give yourself some time to calm down and think things through - what you wanna do if you know the days are numbered.

    Hope things get better soon and don't forget that we're here for ya!

  5. I wish I had some career advice for you , but unfortunately I am in the exact same boat ! I feel you pain , sweetie ! And I know all about numbing with chcoclate and caffine ....been there done that too !

    It wouldn't hurt to just look at what's out there. You never know, you just might get lucky. Maybe listing your resume on

    Oh and I have the "F you all" fantasy on a daily basis myself ! :)

  6. no words of advice other then to keep breathing and remember that you are there for a reason; doesn't make it any easier to deal with but just continue to take it one day at a time!

    My mom would say, just turn the music up and dance! :) I know you can keep chugging along lady, just keep going.

  7. Aw, nothing new to add except (((hugs)))

  8. Lori: I have some money socked away and have been sending resumes and networking but the job market in this area is so bad. I'm just waiting for that instant when things will change.

    Skinny Me: I'm willing to take a pay cut to get out of there but there aren't any jobs in my area. Thanks for the link to "Oh she glows." She is my hero and, hopefully, I can follow in her footsteps soon.

    M3MC: Thanks. Having the support of all you wonderful woman makes it easier to get through some of the tough days. At least I can vent here about my job woes.

    Susan: I've been looking for over a year now but there is nothing out there. I hope we are both able to find a better way to make a living and live out our "F You" fantasy.

    Jen: Your Mom was a very wise woman. Maybe if I start dancing around my desk they'll realize I've lost it and will let me go. ;)

    FFM: Hugs are good. Thanks!

  9. Tweeting helps me not lose my mind. Listening to podcasts helps me too. Maybe an audiobook?

  10. Knitting - if you don't already, then learn. And then go home and knit the hell out of something, it doesn't matter if it looks good or not, just the act of zoning out for awhile is very therapeutic AND you can't eat and knit at the same time! It's a win-win!

  11. It sucks, doesn't it? Being stressed out.
    I know the feeling. I'm currently working 70% and am trying to get back from a burn-out.
    I'm still working where I don't want to be. But, just like with you, I can't find another job.
    It's difficult, but I've turned my life around in other ways.
    I went to a psychologist. She helped me loads.
    I went walking every day. Just 30-45 minutes, but that helped me get things out of my head. And it's also great exercise!
    I did relaxation exercises. Weird in the beginning, but wonderful.
    I also really put energy in trying to eat more healthy. It's very difficult, but it helps dealing with your stress too.

    But that is what works for me, you've go to find a way that works for you. Most importantly is not letting your work rule your private life!

  12. Hi. If you can't immediately alter the situation you're in, you can change the way you respond to it. Separate yourself from the stress that surrounds you. Refuse to take it into your essential being so that the core of you remains calm.
    Just keep telling yourself that you won't be there that much longer so whatever is stressing you out isn't all that important.

    And literally leave any thoughts about your workplace there when you leave for the day. Visualise all that work stuff just leaving your mind and body, draining away and landing on the desk and then walk out the door.

    Hope you find something else sooner than soon.
    Best wishes,
    Bearfriend xx

  13. People who read and comment on Weight loss blogs are always so supportive. I even read the post on oh she glows and decided that the woman who writes that is very cheery and YOUNG.
    But the thing she had to say about her job and walking out of it were great.

    I have pretty much figured out that people do not like to read blogs about cancer. hahaha
    They would rather read about people's dieting attempts and stress and stabbing a boss. When I think about it, I wouldn't mind stabbing a boss either.

  14. If you can, get out of the city.

    Otherwise just hang in there and KNOW that the right job is waiting for you--that's what I do and I second the stress factor in life!!!

    (i will usually eat from boredom :)

  15. Robin: I've been trying to sneak in my blog reading at work to keep me sane.

    Jill: The only thing I can knit is scarves. Too bad I couldn't do it in the afternoon at work but I'm afraid I would use the knitting needles as weapons against my boss.

    Me: I'm sorry you are in the same position and don't like your job. I think I need to see someone about my anxiety and job dissatisfaction. I try not to take it home with me but sometimes it takes a while to calm down from the stress of the day.

    Friend of the Bear: Great advice. I'm trying.

    POD: I enjoy reading your blog even though it doesn't have much to do with weight loss. We all struggle with something and I guess I should feel lucky I'm only fighting fat and not cancer. I love your honesty and strenght in getting through some hard times. You are an inspiration.

    Manuela: I'm getting out of the city for the week at least. I'll be on vacation up north and can't wait to breath the fresh air and relax. I hope to get out of the rat race sooner rather than later.

  16. I totally feel your pain. we have laid off 5 people in the last 2 weeks and while I dont want to lose my job, I hate it so much that its hard to go in every single day. I really hope that you can find something else so that you dont have to deal with this anymore because I know just how hard it is and how it affects so much of your life.

  17. Heather: I just found out I may be one of the lucky ones getting a pink slip soon. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I will end up in a better place. I hope something changes with your job situation soon and you find a better place too.


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