Tuesday, April 20, 2010

99 Minutes!!!

I did it!

Tony the Anti-Jared and Jen the Prior Fat Girl's 4/20 Challenge is today and I'm proud to tell you I did it!!

I'm a big fan of both their blogs and look forward to every single post. I love that they both tell it like it is. They are inspiring and motivating but they don't sugarcoat what it takes to be successful in this weight loss game. They are proof that if you work hard you can get the results you want just like they did.

I remember Jen and Tony's last challenge but I don't think I would have lasted 10 minutes on the elliptical back then. I committed to do 60 minutes on the elliptical but now that I've been going to the gym regularly, sixty minutes isn't such a big challenge anymore. Sixty minutes is my regular workout now, or at least it was before I wrenched my back a few weeks ago.

This is the t-shirt I wore at the gym today.
I signed up to do at least 60 minutes but if I felt good enough I was going to push it for the full 99 minutes. I figured "no pressure" was a good motto to have. I didn't want to re-injure my back so I was just going to wait and see how I felt. I was still feeling pretty good after 60 minutes so I decided to stick it out for the full 99 minutes that Jen and Tony were going to be on the StairMaster. My thighs would have been screaming if I tried to do 99 minutes on the StairMaster but I'm proud I was able to stay on the elliptical for that long. My thighs were screaming a bit and felt like jello when I got off but it felt good.
The whole time I was on that machine I was thinking about what an inspiration Jen and Tony are to me. They are the real deal. Jen still struggles with the candy dish at the office just like I did every single one of those 40 hours a week I was trapped in the office and Tony gets up at an ungodly hour so he can make time for the gym. They've celebrated the joys of birth and the crushing loss of death and through it all they are still fighting the good fat fight through all of life's ups and downs. They are weight loss blogger rock stars.

I really wanted to get a picture of the machine showing 99 minutes but the machines at my gym are set at a 60 minute max with a 10 minute cool down so I had to do 70 minutes and then continue on for another 29.02 for a total of 99.02 minutes!!! I did it at a lower fat burning intensity instead of the high cardio because I reasoned if I was going to go the distance it would probably be a good idea to slow it down a little.

*Do the math. It adds up to 99:02 minutes, 814 calories and 5.87 miles. Not too shabby, huh?
Everyone is always looking for motivation to get off their ass and lose the fat they've been dragging around but it's not about motivation, it's about accepting that there is no magic to weight loss. Anyone can do it. They are everywhere. You've seen them around. They've been on tv, they've written books, they've let us into their lives through their blogs. There are so many good examples - Sean Anderson at Daily Diary of a Winning Loser, Diane at Fit to the Finish, Lori at Finding Radiance, Cammy at the Tippy Toe Diet, Jennette, the one and only PastaQueen, Shauna, the Amazing DietGirl, they all did it and so can you and I.
They aren't keeping a big secret from the rest of us. They've showed us how they did it and have been telling us how to do it for years. It's not magic, they just did what it takes. It's not all about a diet of rabbit food and denial, it's about living a healthy lifestyle. Eat healthy foods, enjoy not so healthy foods in moderation and get out and move your ass, it's no big secret. Stop watching so much tv and take a hike, take the stairs instead of the elevator, just keep moving. We all know that right? The question is "how bad do you want it?" Do you want to do what it takes or eat that cake? Do you want to watch tv all night or work up a sweat? It's a choice.
After 99 minutes on the elliptical machine I was a total sweaty mess. If you don't believe me, keep an eye on Jen's blog where she's threatening to post all the sweaty pictures of everyone who participated. There's still time to join the challenge. Get out and do 60 or 99 minutes. Make the choice to get out and get healthy.
I celebrated 4/20 this year by getting high on endorphins and spreading Bob Marley's message of peace, love and all that other other good stuff.

Love the life you live,
Live the life you love.
- Bob Marley
Celebrate 4/20 today by getting high on endorphins! Peace out.

I'm sad to say I may have lost a few followers by admitting I enjoy smoking the peace pipe on occasion. I'm sorry if I offended anyone but I'm not going to lie about who I am. After my last post I did learn that 4/20 is the Evil Adolf's birthday so maybe they thought I was celebrating his birthday and they were offended by that or maybe I just bore them, who knows. Anyway, just to clarify, I was not celebrating the birth of one of the most evil men in history, I was referring to the 4/20 stoner holiday.


  1. I too enjoy the Peace Pipe on occasion. It's weird to lose followers, that happened to me recently and I'm not even sure why - but don't sweat the small stuff, right?
    Excellent job on the 4/20 Challenge!!

  2. Well done!!!
    I have done the wacky backky on rare ocassions too... nothing wrong with that in the right situation.
    Losing followers happens, who knows why? Don't worry about it.

  3. Oh Jebus...I am a 38 year old woman with a good job and a home and I got high as fuck on Saturday night.

    There, I said it.

    People need to mellow out.

    Also, I am reallllly proud of you and happy for you!

  4. wow, you rocked that elliptical!!

    love the quote from marley. so simple, yet so hard to do sometimes.

  5. Hi. Congrats on your 99 minutes!

    Glad you're a smoker rather than a follower of Hitler lol.

    Bearfriend xx

  6. You are doing it and setting a shining example for others!

    That is totally amazing to do the 99 minutes. I wish I could have participated today.

  7. You put me to shame girl, lol. I did 4 miles in 68 mins on the treadmill and I was beat, lol. You did AWESOME!!

    And it's incredibly sad that you need to explain that you weren't celebrating Hitler, lol.

  8. Thanks for the mention! Congratulations on your exercise!

  9. yes...I think it was me who noticed. I didn't stop following.
    I don't care what people do in the privacy of their own home.
    Great job on your ellipticalling.
    that is too cool.
    AND NO...it isn't some big secret and everyone is capable.
    Great post.

  10. noticed it was hitlers birthday, not that you smoked pot..
    anywhoozle...like I said, here in colorado it's the 11 th anniversary of columbine..and that was one of the 'reasons' for the massacre.
    rather you smoked pot than did the sieg heil.

  11. Great job on getting the 99 minutes done!! You are so right, it all depends on just how bad you want it. There is no magic trick or formula for weight loss, nothing's new, and we all have what it takes to get it done, just that some people want it more than others.

    I get you on the followers! But we all have to say what we have to say and be who we have to be. I tell myself that my blog is for myself, not them :D

  12. Well bloody done you legend you :)

  13. I definitely celebrated 4/20, so no worries from me!
    Congrats on the exercising! It's hard to just get up and DO it - so be proud of yourself - you deserve it!

  14. Great job! I did the challenge too. I think it was only for 60 mins for us (99 for each of them) so even more power to you!

  15. Congratulations! That's quite the accomplishment!

    Thanks so much for the mention and for the AWESOME post. It seems so silly now, but that whole eat-less-move-more thing is really effective. Who knew? I think the biggest change necessary, though, is *wanting* it and *believing* YOU CAN. I've got a post started on this very topic. :)

  16. I did not do the challenge...this is the first I've read of it. I did not smoke anything yesterday and I'm okay with it. 4/20 is huge here!! And so is my ass.

  17. Excellent job- you owned that elliptical trainer!

    Wow re: the followers. Maybe this is just my stoner like mentality speaking but, um, those dudes need to mellow out!

    Good on your for doing the challenge and committing to being balanced.

  18. I personally don't smoke pot but I sure thought of all my stoner friends yesterday. I was working at 4:20am and just happened to look at the clock right at that moment and think of everyone I know enjoying that moment, though most would probably celebrate at 4:20pm and not a.m.!

    I loved the getting high on endorphins comment. I will have to use that next year!

  19. Hey there I stumbled over here from Prior Fat Girl's blog. Just started following you and look forward to reading about your progress.

    Way to go on the challenge! I did the challenge too, although I just stuck with 60 mins as it was a busy day for me on the 20th.

    If you get a chance stop by my blog and say hello.

  20. WHOOO-HOOO! Great job, MB!!!!

  21. AWESOME JOB!! Congrats!! I have to admit I've never touched the stuff, but put a big bottle of wine in front of me and I'm with ya. Keep up the GREAT work!!

  22. Holy shit! WTG! I can do 30 minutes, but that's about it!! Kudos!


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