Friday, April 30, 2010

April was a Push

As most of you already know, I love to play cards, usually the Texas Hold 'em variety. In addition to friendly local Hold 'em tournaments, I've been known to make a donation to our Native American friends now and again at Foxwoods or Mohegan Sun in Connecticut. When I go to the casino I usually head straight for the blackjack tables where, as you probably know, when your hand matches the dealer's hand you don't win but you don't lose either, it's called "a push." Well, my weight loss for the month of April was a push. Today I weighed in exactly the same weight as I was on April 1st. I was up as much as 5.3 pounds and down a mere .2 during the month but ended up with a push. Better than busting out, right?

I worked out consistently, I ate pretty well, I didn't binge, I didn't drink and I didn't even lose a measly tenth of a pound the whole damn month. It's crazy but I'm really not too upset about it. I've been very consistent with my workouts and have been hitting the weights more often so I'm just going to continue what I've been doing in addition to paying more attention to what I'm stuffing in my face.

Since leaving work at the end of November, I've lost a total of 26.4 pounds which averages a little over 5 pounds a month which is ok with me. I'm determined to kick it up a notch and show a good loss for the month of May. It's time for me to push it. Who's with me?


  1. Sometimes a maintain is the best thing you can ask for!

    As long as you are leading healthy lifestyle, the weight will follow eventually.

  2. Hi. A maintain beats a gain any day.

    I really hope to start the weight loss ball rolling myself in May. And I'll be happy with any loss at all! An average of 5lbs lost per month is healthy weight loss BTW.

    Wishing you a successful May!

    Bearfriend xx

  3. I'm gonna torture myself in May if I have to. But this month I'm going full force! and nothing is stopping me!!!

  4. nothing wrong with some good maintaining! you are probably at a plataeu. a shake up to your workout routine would probably work nicely if you want more results.

  5. I agree with the comments already it'll take a maintain over a gain any day!

    i lost 1 whole lb in APril, feeling pretty similar to you. but May is here tomorrow and all we can do is try!!!


  6. You could have lost a measly pound and just not noticed on that day that the measly was gone. Then put it on in water weight later.

    Since you left work...thank goodness you left if you're down 26lbs. Who cares about a measly!?

    I'm with you only if I can push you.

  7. I think you're making great progress, but I'm a little biased. I averaged around 5 pounds a month over the course of my loss.

    Sounds like you're on an excellent path!

  8. A maintain does indeed beat a gain.
    Here's to may.
    I'm for losing.

  9. I think you have done really great since leaving your job and you should be really proud. Some months are better than others and as everyone else has written, at least you havent gained so just keep doing what you know you need to do and push yourself and you can keep moving in a downward direction.

  10. I'm with ya!!

    I read in a book recently that when you know you are doing everything right and your weight is the same, it's time to measure yourself and compare! Have you done any measurements lately?

  11. BTW I love Texas Hold'em too although I am readable, conservative and literally have NO poker face. But it's still fun!! :D

  12. Lori: I know I can do better with my eating so I've been trying to focus more on that. I'm going to have Bill put his snacks (my trigger foods) up high and out of reach so I'll stop eating stuff I know I shouldn't. It's getting better.

    Bearfriend: I hope we both can get the ball rolling in May. I'll be happy if I can keep up with the average.

    River: I'm going to stop just short of torture. I'll be cheering for you ;)

    love2eatinpa: I really need to shake up the workouts. I tend to just do my time on the elliptical and call it a day. I have been doing more weights so I'm hoping it's the result of gaining muscle.

    Steph: A small loss is still a loss, right? Let's see if we can kick it up for May, ok?

    POD: You're right. Screw the measly. I'd love to have you pushing me :) I've heard laughing burns calories so you're already doing your part by just writing.

    Cammy: I'll be very happy to follow in your tippy toe steps and continue with 5 pounds a month.

    cmoursler: Yes, you are for losing - you're the rockstar!

    Heather: I'm proud of what I've done so far but, as you know, it can't come off quick enough, right?

    Mary: I broke out the tape measure after I got your comment. I did lose about an inch in my weight but not much of anything anywhere else. Ohhhh...a fish...I'd love to have you at my table ;)

    Boilergrad: Thanks!


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