Friday, July 2, 2010

Challenge(s) Update

It's July! Can you believe it? Happy Canada Day, Independence Day or weekend to you. It's crazy to think 2010 is already more than half over and my 39th++++ birthday is next week. Where does the time go? It feels like we just made those New Year's resolutions and then we started these challenges and now it's already time for weeks 5 and 6.

So, here's how I'm doing on the Summer Challenge 2010 and the 101 Days of Summer Challenge.

1. Lose 20 pounds (average 2 pounds per week)

Challenge Starting Weight: 215
Week 1: 212.3 (-2.7)
Week 2: 211.6 (-0.7)
Week 3: 211.6 (-0.0)
Week 4: 207.9 (-3.7)
Week 5: 207.9 (-0.0)
Week 6: 209.2 (+1.3)

#$%^&*, no loss again this week. You may not think it's possible but I once again managed to gain 6 pounds over last the weekend. That's right, two weekends in a row I gained over 6 pounds. That's just crazy. It was a three day weekend since B's company picnic was Monday. I indulged in BBQ at the ATV ride Saturday night, ice cream cake at my nephew's graduation party on Sunday and pasta and potato salad at the picnic on Monday so I'm not really surprised I didn't completely work off those extra 6 pounds (AGAIN) but I got close. I was hoping to give myself the gift of "Onederland" for my birthday but I don't think I'm going to make it in time. I may have to settle for getting there during my birthday month. I'm ok with that as long as I get there.

2. Hit the gym at least 4 days per week (not all cardio - weight training too)

- I only made it to the weight room once this week. I was too busy being a cardio maniac. I know I need to do more strength training but it's so slow and boring. I want to learn to love it so I'm going to force myself to slow down and just do it.

3. Push myself to get 99+ minutes of cardio at least once a month (Super Tuesday)
- Knocked this one out today, the 2nd of the month. I did 111 minutes of cardio on Tuesday and 112 minutes of cardio today (70 elliptical, 41/42 dreadmill). Imagine? I wouldn't have thought this was possible 6 months ago.

4. Start C25K program

- I'm running more on the dreadmill but I haven't moved past week 1 of the C25K schedule. I'm going faster with more running and less walking but I don't want to end up flying off the damn thing so I can't be bothered to keep checking the time every other minute. I'll get there.

5. Get moving on the weekends away

- We had to leave VT too early on Sunday so I never got a chance to walk down to the lake. We finished putting the deck on the new porch, got the ATVs running, went riding, and pushed the lawn mower around. I didn't "exercise" but I didn't sit on my ass all weekend either.

6. Manage nighttime munchies

- I haven't been out of control but I still wish I didn't crave something sweet every night. I have a mouthful of sweet teeth not just a single sweet tooth.

7. Get more veggies, more fruit and more water

- I've been doubling up on the veggies with dinner, drinking Green Monster Smoothies when I get home from the gym and constantly having to empty my pea-sized bladder. Who knew pee could be so clear?

8. Avoid as much processed crap and HFCS as possible
- This is really hard. What are all these chemicals, preservatives and colorings doing in all our food? We can see what they're doing to our bodies. I wonder what they're doing to our minds. These chemicals and preservatives are like drugs or cigarettes - addicting. Good thing it's summertime and the farmer's markets are in full swing with FRESH, LOCAL, ORGANIC, DELICIOUS, YUMMY fruits and veggies. It's berry picking time around here so I'm hoping to stock up next week. MMMMmmmm...blueberries....mmmmmm.

I still have the urge to drastically alter my eating so I can just lose it QUICK but I keep reminding myself that that never really worked before. I'm getting there, slow and steady ....


  1. I would LOVE to lose 2 lbs per week, but it's just not happening for me, either. The heat has made me retain fluid more, and I am drinking my water every day. By Labor Day I want to lose 10 more lbs.

    You are doing great with the cardio and I love your 99+ minutes of cardio challenge. That's one I'm going to consider.

    I agree about the processed food...we don't know what's in it and what it's doing to us. I am basically a clean eater and it makes my digestion MUCH better.

    Keep it up!

    Jo @

  2. You're doing great! It's hard to lose 2 lbs. a week. That would take a LOT of focus. I am super eager to get to onederland myself. I've never been there! (that I can remember of course!). I still have 37 lbs. to go before that hits though! You'll get there!

  3. I think that your goals are good and you are doing really well. I always found I got disappointed when I tried to aim for a specific number of pounds lost. I often found that I'd kinda stay the same and then drop a few pounds all at once.

  4. Jo: I'd love to have you join in the 99+ minutes of cardio challenge. You can do it at least once a month. Any type of cardio will do. Averaging two pounds a week is my goal but I'm lucky to get 5 pounds a month. Still not too bad.

    Debbi: You'll get there too. I'm sure we'll both be there in 2011 ;)

    Diane: It does seem like I have one good loss each month. I'm not getting too hung up on the numbers as long as I'm working out and eating better.

  5. Looks like you're rolling right along here! I'm with you on the sweet teeth. Fortunately, I have watermelon in the house now and that does it for me, sweets-wise.

  6. Yum, fresh blueberries sound good!


No Sugar Coating Allowed