Friday, July 9, 2010


We're into the dog days of summer now. It's time for another challenge update for the 101 Days of Summer Challenge and the Summer Challenge 2010. I'm making progress slowly but it's still progress. How about you?

1. Lose 20 pounds (average 2 pounds per week)

Challenge Starting Weight: 215
Week 1: 212.3 (-2.7)
Week 2: 211.6 (-0.7)
Week 3: 211.6 (-0.0)
Week 4: 207.9 (-3.7)
Week 5: 207.9 (-0.0)
Week 6: 209.2 (+1.3)
Week 7: 207.2 (-2.0)

WOOOHOO! I finally broke into a new low. I don't have any scale pictures because I left my card reader in Vermont but I'll be sure to post a picture next week. I think it still may be possible to see "Onederland" before the end of the month so I'm going to do my best to stay strong this weekend and not have to waste time working off weekend weight regain. I'll be happy if I can maintain over the weekend.

2. Hit the gym at least 4 days per week (not all cardio - weight training too)

- I made it to the gym 4 days this week and even went on my birthday. Again I only made it to the weight room once. Next week I'm going to start out in the weight room and then do my cardio so I can get it out of the way.

3. Push myself to get 99+ minutes of cardio at least once a month (Super Tuesday)
- I got this done on the 2nd but I plan on doing another super cardio workout next week.

4. Start C25K program

- I'm working on it. More running and less walking/jogging so I'm making progress.

5. Get moving on the weekends away

- We didn't go away last weekend but I didn't get much activity in since it was so damn hot out. I did sweat a lot though.

6. Manage nighttime munchies

- I've been doing better controlling the nighttime snacks. I did have frozen yogurt the other night but I got the kiddie size and it was more than enough.
7. Get more veggies, more fruit and more water

- I got this one covered. It's so damn hot and fresh fruits, veggies and water are all I've been craving.

8. Avoid as much processed crap and HFCS as possible

- I'm really shocked by how much HFCS is in EVERYTHING. I'm planning on hitting the local farmstand this weekend and stocking up on all the fresh produce. If the weather cooperates we may even go berry picking. MMMMmmmm...fresh berries....mmmmmm.

How did you do on your challenges? Are you making progress or do you need a push?

It's time for me to pack up and get out of the city. I hope you all have a great weekend.
Stay cool!


  1. I'm starting the Couch to 5k program on Monday. My family is going to do the Disney Family Fun 5k in January.

    Good luck on meeting your goals!

  2. Have you tried riding a bike? I prefer that for cardio.

  3. Push required! Although my co-worker and I have shaken hands that we are hitting up the pool a minimum of 2 mornings next week.

    Happy Friday!

  4. You are doing incredibly well. SO motivated it makes me ill.


  5. Great job, MB! I'm with you on the water and fresh veggies - don't even have to think about it any more.

  6. Great job! Keep it up! It's amazing how many people are doing the C2k5 program! And as someone who just finished week 6, i say GO FOR IT!! :-)

  7. I really love your goals and am wishing I'd been as specific with mine. But I can keep some of yours in mind as I travel the challenge. Congratulations on the new low! You're really chipping away at this nicely. Thanks for the inspiration.

  8. Congrats on the new low weight, girl! That's awesome. :D
    And good luck with all these goals. They're great and I'm sure you're doing great with them. (:

  9. You are doing a great job! Congratulations on the low weight!

  10. Vicki: Have fun training for the Disney 5K. Maybe I'll get though the program by then. I've been taking it really slow.

    Julie: I love bike riding but every since I injured my knee skiing years ago I can't stay in the saddle too long before the knees start acting up.

    Biz: I hope the kids stay out of the lap lanes at the pool and you enjoy your morning swim.

    POD: Sorry, I'll try to tone it down so I don't make you hurl.

    Jo: It's so much easier in the summertime when the fruits and veggies are fresh and delicious.

    Lori: Thanks! You don't know how much you encouage me to get in the weight room. Thanks for the push ;)

    Sandy: Congrats! It will probably take me a few months to work up to week 6. I'm on the turtle C25K schedule.

    Leslie: You can always set new goals. Thank you for all the support.

    CreatingSarah and Diane: Thanks! I can't wait to see an even lower new low. ;)

  11. Hi MB - I just wandered over, because I forgot to say hello the other day when you stopped by my place, but oh my gosh how good are you doing on your goals/challenges! Wow! I'm so thrilled for you that you are finding your groove and hanging in there. That must be an awesome feeling! Share some of your mojo okay? :) I need some motivation right now. Keep it up girl, you're doing great!!!

  12. You're doing so well!! I love that you're focus is on getting extra activity and bumping up the healthy food intake. I'm loving summer for all of the extra yummy fresh fruit/veggie options out there right now...


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