Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve Hot 100 Week 13 Update

Merry Christmas Eve! Are you on Santa's "Nice" or "Naughty" list? I always think I should be on the list somewhere in between naughty and nice.

I hope you didn't get caught up in the commercialism of the season by racking up charges on the credit cards. Presents are great but spending time with the people you love is really what it's all about. Enjoy the beauty of the season, time with family and friends and the joy of giving from the heart.

It's hard to believe we are in the final weeks of the Hot 100.

Status of Hot 100:

Goal #1 - Lose An Additional 15 Pounds by December 31st

Challenge Starting Weight (9/23/10): 194.2 lbs.
Week 1: -1.3 lbs.
Week 2: -0.9 lbs.
Week 3: -2.4 lbs.
Week 4: -4.0 lbs.
Week 5: -1.1 lbs.
Week 6: -2.6 lbs.
Week 7: --------
Week 8: -2.2 lbs.
Week 9: -4.0 lbs.
Week 10: -0.9 lbs.
Week 11: -0.2 lbs.
Week 12: -3.1 lbs.
Week 13: -------
Total Hot 100 Challenge Weight Loss to Date: 22.7 lbs.
(Total Weight Lost Since 11/2009: 70.5 pounds)

I didn't get to weigh-in today but if I use yesterday's weigh-in I could report a 2.8 pound loss. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I can keep it off after feasting tomorrow.

Goal #2 - Couch to 5K

Last week I said "I may have to hang my head and admit defeat on this one" but Cammy wisely pointed out that "Admitting defeat is one thing, but no head hanging allowed! It's FUN to try new things, even those that don't work out for us. Or maybe it's *especially* those that don't work." I may never be a runner but I'm going to continue to work on making progress with the C25K. Manuela commented that she struggled with the program on the treadmill but once the nice weather hit she was able to rock it on the pavement. Who knows, maybe by the time spring hits I'll be rocking that C25K program.

Goal #3 - Build More Muscles

As expected, with the bustle of the holiday I've missed a few days at the gym so I haven't done much lifting this week but I'm looking forward to getting back in there and pumping some iron. I feel so tough saying things like that. ;)

Thank you so much for the support you have given me. I wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas!

Rock on Hotties!


  1. I don't know why, but this just showed up in my reader this morning. Thank goodness it did, or I would have missed the opportunity to say WOO-HOO! to 70+ pounds lost!!! I don't know whether I'm more excited about that or by the fact that you're looking forward to strength training in the gym! :) :)

    I hope your Christmas was a merry one and that you have a VERY happy new year!

  2. Great job with your goals, even those you are still working on, because let's face it there is no deadline, you can still pursue!!

    Polar's Mom

  3. Where you at??!! Hope your New Year was great!


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