Monday, December 8, 2008

Ho, Ho, Ho ....

Whoa, whoa, whoa ... is what I should be saying. The tempting treats are everywhere trying to push me off the weight loss track. I refuse to put on a single pound just because "it is the season." I'm not throwing my hands in the air and giving up until January 1st.

The parties, the cocktails, the food gifts will be handled with extreme restraint. It isn't like I can never have a cookie again. What is it about the holidays that make people want to push their baked goods on you. Isn't it enough that my credit bill is getting fatter? I don't need any extra padding on my thighs. It takes extreme effort to pass up all of the special holiday goodness but I'm determined to halt the gaining trend and don't need to wait another three weeks to see how much more damage can be done.

'Tis the season ...


  1. There are so many holiday "baked goodies" traditions. Trying really hard to make new ones. Right there with you on wanting no gain for the New Year. Going to start it ahead of the game.

  2. My goal over the holidays is one week on my plan, one week with whatever...that way I feel LESS denied.

    Let's not talk about how I am super strict ON right now cause I have been a super pig since Thanksgiving!

  3. Getting Healthy: It is so hard to stay away from the holiday treats ... I think I'm losing the battle but I'm working on being mindful and not going to extremes.

    Hilly: I hate feeling denied and then act out like a little kid ... "but I want it tooo ... whahhhhh .... I'm losing the battle this week with all the goodies being delivered to the office. Can't people say thank you without using sugar?

  4. Amen sister! It has been really hard to resist the constant treats at work this past month but I made it through the gauntlet and lost 10 pounds that I know others have put on. I am taking a short break for these 2 days, but Friday is a brand new chapter in which I will press onward and downward (the scale that is).

    I hope you have a very Merry Christmas.


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