Sunday, December 21, 2008

Still Snowing ...

I've always loved the winter. You won't hear me complaining about the cold weather because you can always add layers but there is only so much you can take off when it is sticky hot and humid. I get so excited when I can get out and play in the mountains and would rather be there than the beach any day.

I have tons of winter gear that keeps me warm and dry which is the key to enjoying winter sports. It is worth the price to pay the extra money for the quality gear. It is worth every penny when you are out in the elements. I pray for piles of snow and I find myself counting the days until the snowmobile trails open in the middle of summer. The trails opened last Tuesday and I was getting excited looking forward to that first ride of the season on some fresh powder. I'm a winter girl and usually never complain about too much snow until this past weekend.

My office closed at 3:00 on Friday but because I now work for a complete *ssh*le I ended up having to work until after 5:00 (I was not happy). I finally got home in the height of the storm and had to shovel out my driveway all by myself. B worked late Friday night, Saturday morning and again this morning which meant that we couldn't go up north to play. I tried to get one of my friends to drive up with me but he had to stay home this weekend too. My in-laws were on vacation and the college kids that live downstairs went home for the holidays so I was the only one around to do snow removal. I spent hours Friday night shoveling, I spent hours Saturday morning and night shoveling, and I spent more time out there this morning shoveling. My back is sore and I'm very cranky I couldn't take my snowmobile out for a ride.

I realized that I don't love the snow as much as I thought I did. I really love it when I am out playing in it. When I'm skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing or snowmobiling I absolutely LOVE IT but when I'm stuck in the city for the weekend shoveling, not so much love.

At least shoveling is good exercise, right? Time to get back out there and shovel some more ... oh my aching back.


  1. Oh, we had a ton of snow dumped on us with more to come!

    I hope that you can enjoy your time off of work and enjoy the holiday season--take care!


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