Thursday, December 3, 2009

Green Monster

I'm not talking about the big green outfield wall at Fenway Park, that is known as the Green Monstah here in Boston. I'm talking about the Green Monster Smoothie that everyone around the blogsphere has been raving about. I made my very first Green Monster smoothie today and it was delicious.

After I got home from the gym today I decided to use up the spinach I had in the fridge and blend it together with some frozen berries and water. I intended on using a frozen banana but I didn't peel the stupid things before I put them in the freezer so I had to throw them away. What was I thinking? How did I think I was going to peel them after they froze solid like a rock? Silly me. I didn't have any soy milk, yogurt or protein powder but I'm going to stock up on that stuff and see how it compares.

My first Green Monster smoothie was filling and very tasty. I didn't even need to use ice because I had the frozen berries in there. It looked more like a Red Monster than a Green Monster from all the berries I put in. MMMmmmmm.... I love spinach but couldn't even taste a hint of it in my smoothie.

There are tons of recipes for different variations of the Green Monster that I'm excited to try out. I'm probably going to get a few bags of different frozen fruits and see what I can come up with. I'm thinking mango and cherry or blueberry and cantaloupe.

Have you joined the Green Monster movement? Do you have a favorite Green Monster recipe? I'd love to hear about what you put in your Green Monster. Tell me all about your Green Monsters.


  1. Silly you indeed! Run the frozen banana under water for a few seconds, the peeling will slide right off...then you have a great frozen banana to plop right in the blender!!

  2. Never heard of it before now but as I sit here I am mentally running through my cupboards and freezer. Natch, I do the same thing with my bananas. Now I'll take the skins off before I freeze them.

    Thanks for the tip!!!

  3. I never freeze my bananas for smoothies. I freeze the berries for smoothies though. But if it did occur to me to freeze a banana instead, I was giggling reading that you put it in with the skin cause I KNOW for a fact that I would have done the exact same thing!!

    I may have to try your red version of the Green Monster; I hate anything veggie juice related (liquid salad? Gross! but fruit smoothie?? YUM!) but maybe if it's in there without me knowing.... (wow, I sound like the family pet and sneaking them medicine into their fave treat!)

  4. I've heard of it but have not Googled it properly. I am the sort of person that always thinks about making a smoothie but never does it.

  5. That green monster smoothy sounds awesome (assuming you can't taste the spinach - I like the leafy green, but can't imagine liking the taste mixed with sweets).

  6. Yup... green monsters are the best! I drink one EVERY morning and absolutely love it! What a great way to sneak in a serving a veggies, right?

  7. Tina: I wish I thought about running them under water before I threw them away.

    Brooke: I'm excited to try new recipes. Let me know what you come up with.

    Lil Miss D: Glad I'm not the only one who would freeze them with the skin on ;) You definitely do not taste the spinach or kale if you use sweet fruit.

    Hilly: I bought my magic bullet about 2+ years ago to make smoothies and this was my first one. Try it, you'll like it. I'm going to post a link with some yummy sounding recipes.

    SoMi's Nilsa: You don't taste the greens at all. It may be even better to put in a non-see-through cup so the color doesn't turn you off.

    Annie: I love my veggies too but getting an extra servings in is always good. Do you mix up the recipe or make the same kind all the time?

  8. I totally mix it up all the time! And just to give it another kick, trying finding a good nutrient-dense protein supplement to add to your green monsters. Try Amazing Grass brand stuff... the chocolate one is SO GOOD!!!

  9. Annie: I'm definitely going to check out the Amazing Grass products. I love chocolate but not chocolate milk so I'll probably stick with the fruity stuff for now. Thanks!


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