Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The End of the End of Summer Challenge

Can you believe it's August 31st already? Where did the summer go? It seems like just yesterday we started this challenge and now it's over. I can't wait for the leaves to start changing colors and the cooler temperatures to kick in so I can shut the air conditioners off. I love this time of year and look forward to the change in seasons because it means the snow will start falling again soon. Ok, sorry, I know most of you don't want to even think about winter but I can't wait to get back on my snowmobile. Yes, it's over 90 degrees here in the northeast and I'm dreaming of snow.

So today is the final day of Tammy's Waisting Away in the Heat - End of Summer Challenge. I had my fingers crossed that I would be able to report a record breaking 10 pound loss for the month but it didn't happen. As usual, my weight is up a little bit from Friday and slightly over that 200 pound milestone again which is why the happy onederland dance post has been rescheduled once again. I knew this would happen because my weight has never been a steady downward trend but rather a roller coaster ride with a slight downward lean but I'm heading in the right direction so it's all good. Don't put away those dancing shoes just yet because I'm planning to get it together for this weekend. I'm getting too old to party on a school night anyway.

Here's my stats for the End of Summer Challenge:

August 1st: 207.2
August 6th: 202.2
August 13th: 201.3
August 20th: 200.2
August 27th: 198.9
August 31st: 200.2
Total Loss: 7.0 lbs.

Seven pounds in a month is a decent rate of loss for me, remember I'm a very quick gainer but a very slow loser. Congratulations to all my competitors who inspired me to keep my eye on the prize and motivated me to keep fighting the good fight. I also want to thank Tammy for hosting the challenge even though she had so much going on in her life between work, finding a new gym, spraining her ankle, etc., etc. I hope those dark clouds that have been following her around get pushed out to sea by the strong winds coming up the east coast.

Let's see if I can lose another 7 pounds in September and get farther and farther away from the the dreaded 200s. I'm ready to dance. Are you?

Congratulations to our challenge winner. Rock on!


  1. 7 lbs is excellent progress! I'm waiting to get out the party hats and noise makers to celebrate your trip into the 100's any day now. Good luck!

  2. I'm ready to dance with ya! I've got a ways to go to get back into the 100's and I've got to get my groove on! Seven pounds is AMAZING!! You keep on rockin' it!

  3. Seven pounds in a month is GREAT! Congrats on your success--keep at it!

  4. That's well over a pound a week, which is great!
    Here's to a great September!

  5. Awesome loss! Altogether I'm down about 4lbs this month, I'd love to be able to get down 7lbs! Lately even 4 is a struggle :-(

  6. WEll done on the challenge. It is a good, sound loss.
    Winter... Ikkkkk... today is the first day of Spring here! Yaaaa... AND it was a sunny day, with no rain. First time in over 7 weeks we have had a day without rain!

  7. Congrats! Seven pounds lost is GREAT!!! I danced for you on Friday and I'll be happy to dance some more soon! I know what you mean about being a quick gainer. I think about a food or meal and start gaining weight!


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