Friday, October 8, 2010

Hot 100 - Week 2

Hello Hotties!

This is just going to be a short and sweet update for Week 2 of the Hot 100:

Goal #1 - Lose An Additional 15 Pounds by December 31st

Challenge Starting Weight (9/23/10): 194.2 lbs.
Week 1: -1.3 lbs.
Week 2: -0.9 lbs.

Every little tenth of a pound gets me that much closer to goal. Slow and steady seems to be working for me and I'm determined to keep it that way no matter how tempting it is to go to the extreme and lose it quickly. Been there, done that, gained it all back plus more. Although I didn't even lose a whole pound this week, by losing 0.9 pounds I hit the 50 pounds lost mark exactly. It's taken a really long time (a lifetime) to get to this point and I'm now HALFWAY to my ultimate goal.

Goal #2 - Couch to 5K
Goal #3 - Build More Muscles

Unfortunately, I've been slacking and haven't made any progress with the C25K or my weight training this week but I'm not giving up on it. I'm thinking of cutting back on my elliptical time and just concentrating on the dreadmill and the weight room. We'll see how it goes next week.

Gotta run. It's a long holiday weekend and I gotta get packing for my escape. I hope you all have a great weekend. Rock on!


  1. Have a great escape!! Good job on that steady loss!!

  2. Great job on the loss! I think you should drop the elliptical if you are going to do a running and strengthening program. You really don't need all 3, at least not all with intensity.

  3. Dude! Congrats on hitting 50 - that's awesome! :)

  4. WOW, 50 pounds lost! Now that is something to cheer about! WooooHooooo!!!! Congrats on all you have done to change your life. Congrats on getting1/2 way to goal. Keep up the great work!

  5. I started c25k last week on top of my regular exercise and think I overdid things. Sigh.

  6. Busy weeks make goals hard.

    Good job on the loss!

  7. 50 lbs? Halfway to goal? That is amazing!

    You are right about the shortcuts not working. Dropping a lot of weight fast means you are doing something wrong - not eating enough or going overboard in something you cannot maintain. You will gain it back. I have finally realized that.

  8. Awesome 50lbs lost! Enjoy your time away! See ya when you get back!

  9. totally. whenever i work really really hard to lose the weight quickly, i can't keep it off?

    and how are ya? i haven't been here in too long!

  10. *not "i can't keep it off?" but "i can't keep it off!"

  11. aiiii. who needs to get to sleep?
    *raises hand*
    i do! i do!

  12. 50 lbs! Nice!! Keep it up! So nice to read positive blogs, thanks!

  13. Slow and steady wins the race! You should be so proud of the 50 pounds you already lost :D

  14. Wow! Congrats on 50lbs lost! You have the perfect attitude about this - slow and steady is exactly how I'm doing this too. Be proud and have an awesome week!

  15. Slow and steady wins the race, right?

    And I'm guessing 'dreadmill' wasn't a least you did it!

    Polar's Mom

  16. Wow, your story is so inspirational and to reach a milestone like 50lbs is an amazing feet. Yes it does take time. That's why most people fail or quit when trying to lose weight because there is no easy solution. I applaud your work ethic. I myself am on my own healthy goal of losing weight after being in two auto accidents which caused me to put on an excessive amount of weight. Keep up the good work!


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