Sunday, October 31, 2010

Hot 100 - Week 5 Late Update

These weeks are flying by. I can't believe I didn't have time to post my Hot 100 update on Friday. I met a friend in Boston for lunch and by the time I got home I had to pack for the weekend.

Well, better late than never, right? Here's how I did last week:

Goal #1 - Lose An Additional 15 Pounds by December 31st

Challenge Starting Weight (9/23/10): 194.2 lbs.
Week 1: -1.3 lbs.
Week 2: -0.9 lbs.
Week 3: -2.4 lbs.
Week 4: -4.0 lbs.
Week 5: -1.1 lbs.

I can't believe I've had 5 weeks of losses. I'm a little afraid to get on the scale tomorrow after indulging on cheese, crackers and all sorts of crap at a Halloween party Saturday night. At least I didn't give in to all the Halloween candy that kept calling me. I only had a handful of B's M&Ms tonight which has to be the least amount of candy I've consumed on Halloween EVER. I'm planning on an extra long, intense gym session tomorrow hoping to combat any weekend weight gain. Who wants to join me?

Goal #2 - Couch to 5K

Still struggling to get past week one.

Goal #3 - Build More Muscles

I never got a chance to meet with the trainer last week. This week for sure.

Remember, those FUN SIZE candies aren't so much fun when they settle on your ass.

I hope you're all keeping it HOT! Have a great week!


  1. I am starting Couch to 5K tomorrow. So we will be on week 1 together.

  2. You are doing so great!

    This is the first Hallowe'en that I've literally had NO candy!!!!

  3. Wow, MB, your weight loss is an inspiration! & getting through Halloween without bingeing, that's fantastic!

  4. LOL!!! I like the comment about the fun sized candies... ha ha ha!

  5. Great job on stringing the losses together!

    When I did the C25K, I allowed myself permission to extend the 'weeks' as I needed to. There is no hurry to get through the program.

  6. Haha!! This: "those FUN SIZE candies aren't so much fun when they settle on your ass" should be on a tshirt!!! Love it! :)

  7. Glad I wasn't the only slacker on the 100 update - I did mine today!

    I too, have had losses five weeks in a row - 5 pounds! Curious to see how my switch to South Beach will do - I can't have alcohol the first two weeks so that should help!

    Glad you had a great weekend!

  8. Terrific on the five weeks of losses ... WTG. I'm all about week 1 of C25K ... it was the only week I could do completely. Now I have the snow/ice excuse so no running for me.

  9. Better late than never is right, and five weeks of losses is incredible!!! Great job!

  10. thanks for the reminder about those candies on the ass!
    Great job on Halloween and on continued losses!

  11. Fantastic news about your 5 weeks of losses! That's some serious headway you have going on. I think Halloween is a challenge for a few reasons, I don't it sounds like you did too terribly if a a couple of fun size bars were all you indulged in. Hope your first week of November is good to you!

  12. Wow - you are doing so nicely - just good patient progress. A fake holiday (Halloween) gain, if it happens, certainly won't derail you when you're in such a good groove!


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