Thursday, July 14, 2011

Flying High

Up, Up and Away!

Wow! What an amazing birthday weekend celebration! Thank you all so much for the sweet birthday wishes. I have to say that 44 is feeling pretty damn good even though I don't feel like a 44 year old. When I turned 40 four years ago I felt so old but after losing 90+ pounds over the past 20 months I feel better and younger than I have in decades. I have so much energy and can't seem to sit still anymore.

I had a banner birthday weekend in Vermont with B and one of my best friends. It was like the party that didn't end. We had lots of good food including homemade birthday cupcakes, perfectly toasted marshmallows at the bon fire, hot wings, sweet corn on the cob, fresh blueberry pancakes, Ben & Jerry's Frozen Yogurt, etc. etc. I certainly indulged but didn't binge or feel overstuffed at any time. I fully expected to see a gain after all the extra indulgences but was pleasantly surprised to still be in the "normal" range and even reached a new low (145.7 lbs.) when I got back home.

We took a ride to Stowe on Saturday for Stoweflake's 25th Annual Hot Air Balloon Festival. Although I didn't go up in a balloon I did get wings. My friend bought me the most beautiful real butterfly wing necklace. She said it's a representation of my metamorphosis. I am just learning how to spread my wings and fly again after being grounded for so long.

Do you have wings? Are you flying high or stuck in the muck? What will it take for you to spread your wings and fly? I hope you find them soon and join me up here, the view is spectacular. Come fly with me!

Party on!


  1. Wow MB, it sounds like you ate like a normal person... Congratulations. I'm stuck in the muck right now, but it's pretty hopeful muck!

  2. I haven't received my wings just yet. But I am in the cocoon, in the early process of transformation and fully anticipate emerging a beautiful butterfly at the end - whenever that may be! It is great to hear that you had a wonderful birthday and were able to indulge and still come out on top in the end. Your post gives me hope that once the weight loss goals are met, living normally won't have to mean living with deprivation. You can still enjoy things and not consider it falling off the wagon! You inspire me more than you know! :)

  3. What a super birthday! I would LOVE to see hot air balloons. And the very meaningful necklace from your dear friend-- How nice!

    :-) Marion

  4. What a birthday celebration! I'm drooling over the list of foods you ate while celebrating...a lot of those are my favorites.

    I'm flying high! I've had some really great runs this week, eating has been clean and in less than 2 weeks I'll be on vacation visiting extended family/old friends.


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