Monday, August 8, 2011


Change is so hard but it's totally worth all the effort and struggle it takes to change. I'm such a creature of habit and often get stuck going to the same places, eating the same foods, and doing the same things over and over again because it's familiar and comfortable. We get so complacent in our routines and tend to live our lives on auto-pilot, not really thinking about what we do and what the consequences of our actions will be. It's just easier to keep doing what we're doing than to make the effort to change.

After melting off 90+ pounds, I feel like I finally shed my fat suit cocoon and I am just learning how to spread my wings and fly. Being so weighed down, stressed out and depressed affected almost everything I did. Even at my heaviest weight I was still pretty active but stress eating, emotional eating (no matter what emotion) and binging would negate any activity burn I would get. No amount of exercise is going to make up for regular binges of thousands of calories.

I've never paid much attention to horoscopes, numerology and other hippy-dippy cosmic theories but I downloaded an app on my phone and have been checking my horoscope lately just for sh*ts and giggles. It's been interesting to see how accurate it has reflected back what has been going on in my life lately.

Here's what I read yesterday:

Cancer Aug 7 2011
Native Americans find guidance in nature, with many trees and animals offering specific symbolism. If a butterfly were to begin to show up frequently in someone's life, for example, it might signify some kind of transformation. You are very close to the earth and its creatures, Moonchild. You can relate to this kind of spiritual sensitivity. Right now there's a recurring theme in your life. You've probably been wondering about its significance. Yes, it has meaning. If you interpret with your heart and your intuition, you will receive the wonderful message it is sending you.
As an adult, I've never gotten involved in any type of organized religion but I've always felt a spiritual connection especially when I am out enjoying and taking pictures of the beauty in nature. Hiking and ATVing through the deep woods, watching the seasons change, snowmobiling through the pristine snow covered trails, looking up at the milky way, wishing on shooting stars, being awed by the magnificence of the Aurora all makes me feel so small in the grand scheme of things but also connected to something so much bigger than me at the same time.

Not only did I receive a butterfly wing necklace for my birthday but I have been seeing butterflies flutter around me more than I ever have before. Is it some sort of sign? Is nature trying to tell me something?

I believe we are constantly being sent messages and it's only when we are able to turn down the noise of everything going on that we are able to hear the messages. Have you ever gotten a message through nature? Do you believe in signs? Are you willing to make a change?


  1. I love this post, my little butterfly! You have come so far - congratulations on becoming the new you. Love yourself, love your life and the people in it. Be blesed!

  2. Signs, butterflies, and wonderful adventures are all around us, if we are willing to stop our drudgery to pay attention and enjoy. I totally agree with you, MB.

    :-) Marion

  3. Another inspiring post! I do believe in signs but often our busy lives prohibit us from really stopping to take notice, sadly. Thankfully, you have given yourself time to slow things down and look around you - to appreciate the true magnitude of just how far you have come! Your change has inspired me to change - so thank you for showing me that perseverance pays off!!!

  4. It's so important to look around and take to heart what you see. I believe God places things and people in my path to help me make positive changes.

  5. Hmm, for some reason nature is sending me spiders and mosquitoes... not sure I like those metaphors quite as much!

    Your butterflies are much more inspiring!


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