Sunday, August 14, 2011

Slimmer this Summer and 101 Days of Summer Challenges Update

I had a rough week. The weather has been dreary and so have I. I'm not sure what it is. I don't know whether it's just allergies, a cold or what but I don't feel right. Maybe I'm making myself sick just thinking about having to go back to work soon. When I filed my unemployment claim this morning it said after this week's claim I don't have any remaining benefits. Yikes! Oh well, I had a good run. I made good use of my time off. I've lost over 90 pounds. I accomplished something.

I guess I really need to get my ass in gear and get serious about finding a job now. Nothing like waiting 'til the last possible moment, huh? I'm glad I was able to take advantage of every single dollar of my benefits and every single day I had to get my life back. I know I should be ready to go back to work after all this time but I'm nervous about it for lots of reasons. I'm sure it will be fine once I get back into the swing of things but I'm scared. Change is scary but if we don't change we don't grow, right? I have to keep reminding myself change is good.

Because I wasn't feeling so hot my workouts weren't as good as they usually are. I didn't even get a workout in on Friday because I got up late after a long sleepless night and spent over three hours at the salon getting my hair done. It takes a long time to cover the evidence of my 40something years. The good part is my hair looks fabulous. Too bad I can't work the magic and it only looks great for a couple of days because I don't have the patience to spend the time on it.

In addition to slacking on workouts, I had breakfast for dinner twice this week (pancakes and french toast) and there was a night out that included a couple of volcano bowls and sodium packed chinese food so I didn't expect to be any closer to my goal this week and I was right.

Here's the evidence of the consequences of my actions:


6/1/11 101 Days of Summer Challenge 2011 Starting Weight: 149.5 lbs.
6/6/11 Slimmer this Summer Starting Weight: 151.2 lbs.

6/10/11 Weigh In: 148.2 lbs.
6/17/11 Weigh In: 147.5 lbs.
6/24/11 Weigh In: 147.5 lbs.
7/1/11 Weigh In: 148.4 lbs.
7/8/11 Weigh In: 146.4 lbs.
7/15/11 Weigh In: 146.4 lbs.
7/22/11 Weigh In: 147.9 lbs.
7/29/11 Weigh In: 145.7 lbs.
8/5/11 Weigh In: 145.5 lbs.
8/12/11 Weigh In: 147.7 lbs.

101 Days of Summer Challenge 2011 Loss to Date: 1.8 lbs.
Slimmer this Summer Challenge Weight Loss to Date: 3.5 lbs.

Starting Weight (11/2009): 242 lbs.
Current Weight (8/12/11): 147.7 lbs.
Total Loss: 94.3 lbs.

Yup, that's a 2.2 pound gain for the week. It's certainly not the direction I want to be going in but I know why and that is half the battle. I know it's just a blip in the screen and I will get to my goal eventually. I'm still fighting the fight and I have faith I will make it to my goal soon (sooner if I cut out the cocktails and pancakes but that's all part of life, right?).


I haven't been tracking how many ounces of water I'm drinking but instead have been trying to determine my level of hydration by the color test. When my pee gets to be a very pale yellow, almost clear, I know I've had enough water for the day. There are so many different studies about how much we should drink and I recently read a new one that says you should take your weight and divide it by 2 and that is how many ounces of water you should be drinking. It sounds like a good rule of thumb but I'm liking the color method.


I got a few good workouts in at the beginning of the week but things kind of fizzled out by the end of the week. I got some ellipitcalling, kickboxing, and walking in but no running this week.


Quitting is still not an option! I'm all in.


Oh yeah, I'm still here.


Still trying to get around to everyone and spread the love. I'm so happy to see many of you working the slow and steady plan, marching to the beat of your own drum. Keep marching!


No progress this week but I'm determined to get through Week 4, Day 2 OUTSIDE soon.


Today is not the day but it will be here soon enough, I just know it.

Stay strong, be cool and rock on!


  1. It may not be a real gain, (and you're not eating pancakes every day) so don't worry about it.

    I know how you feel about going back to work, but you'll adjust and get into a new routine...

  2. Get rid of that weight before it gets too attached to you! ;-)

    You're doing great overall. I hope you feel better!

  3. You know I understand about the return to work. I'm over the 2-year unemployed mark, and I still feel unsettled about getting a full-time job.

    Wishing you a better week ahead!

  4. Yes, you will make your goal. We all have dreary and challenging weeks. Here is to a better week!

  5. Hi MB! I would say--get on a fabulous outfit with high heeled sandals that really make your legs look long and fabulous and great earrings, etc...*Let you figure shine!* You deserve it. You won't feel like eating weight-gaining pancakes and it will take you out of the slump, I promise!

    :-) Marion

  6. I keep hearing about the C25k and will be looking into it, sounds like a good program.

  7. Ha! I wouldn't sweat the pancakes or cocktails - you aren't going to make a habit of eating them everyday, so just pick up and move on.

    I'm at that stage, too, finally understanding that I will get to my goal weight eventually, but I'm no longer freaking out over the incredibly slow loss of the last 15 pounds.

    Good luck moving back into the work force!

  8. Hang in there and hope that you find a job soon. Change is scary sometimes.

    I have to face the scale tomorrow to see the damage I did over last weekend - can't wait to shop for some fruit and veggies!

    Happy Friday!

  9. Here's to you finding a good job. Times are tough and we're all WORRIED...but may God open a good door for you

    And if you enjoy pancakes/french toast, just find ways to make it better. Sugar-free syrup shaves off a lot of calories. Using gluten-free mixes, like Pamela's, makes it easier on the gut. Making a sugar-free compote with any fruit you have handy (berries, pears, apples) and some cinnamon or vanilla can make it great without syrup. Trying almond flour or coconut flour pancakes can make it more "primal" ; ).

    I hope your weigh in this week rocks. August is tough for exercising..walking becomes a heat-stroke risk unless down very early or very late in the day....I'm walking at 7pm to not overheat.

    I don't expect much loss or any this week, as I've let calories slide up. Just getting a handle on it has been my focus, so as to continue to my last 25 pounds to lose. :)

    Best to're gonna get over the august hump...go for it.


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