Saturday, September 15, 2007

Sick of Salad

I am so sick of eating salads, grilled chicken, baked fish, and all the other *healthy* foods I constantly force myself to eat (except watermelon -yumm). I was choking down my salad with grilled chicken at lunch on Friday. I would take a bite and want to spit it out. It just wasn't cutting it. I ended up throwing half of it away when I usually eat the whole thing. I felt ravenous all morning and was planning on getting the fish but the deli ran out so I was stuck with the same ol' thing. In the past I have been successful losing weight by eating lots and lots of salad. I've tried every type of salad out there. I experiment with different lettuce, toppings, dressings and protein but it is still just a salad.

I think that is why so many people can only stay on a healthy eating plan for short periods and then they get bored to tears and give up by eating something delicious and sinful.

What do you do when you are just sick and tired of eating the same boring foods? "Mix it up," you say? But what do you mix it up with? A different kind of lettuce, a new species of fish, a free-range turkey, tofu? Please help before I fall asleep in my chicken kabob salad.


  1. MB, you need to add variety. Seriously. Jot down 10 alternatives to chicken salad or fish and salad that you can have. Even if it means spending time online scouring dieter's recipe sites (try, you can register for free to see the recipes).

    And make sure you can make them at home and pack them up and take them to eat.

    Soups and sandwiches and frittatas and whole wheat pasta dishes and low-calorie casseroles that can be nuked.

    Get creative or you'll end up eating something unhealthy.

    YOu aren't doomed to eating salads for lunch every day. :)


  2. It seems like I eat alot of the same foods, too... and chicken salads are one of them. But I do try to add some variety as much as possible. Chili's a nice alternative. And so are pita pizzas. I just take one or two low-carb whole wheat tortillas, spoon some tomato sauce on them, top with low-fat mozzarella... and a TON of veggies... such as green peppers, mushrooms, black olives, and fresh tomatoes. Then I bake at 400 degrees for 10-15 minutes. It's not Papa John's... but it REALLY hits the spot when I'm in the mood for something different and more "normal."

  3. it's pretty important to like what you're eating because this isn't an eat salads till you're skinny and then back to burgers sort of deal. if you're meals are a prison sentence you have to experiment and find things you do like. it's way better to use the carbs on a tortilla and make a pizza or a sandwich wrap than find yourself at a mcdonalds drive thru. there's taking it slow and there's going backwards, you know.

    i was looking for the south beach recipe collection on allrecipes but i couldn't find it, this is a link to their healthy soup recipes since it's fall and it's soup time. it's also easy to make a big batch and put it in serving size tupperware to freeze and grab so you always have something ready for lunch.


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