Sunday, September 16, 2007

Is Brit FAT?

I'm sure everyone has seen Britney's recent VMA performance by now. Even if you didn't watch the VMA's you must have seen clips or pictures from it on the news, entertainment shows, magazines or computer sites. If you have been living under a rock and haven't seen it yet you can check it out here.

I'm sure most people would agree that it was not the spectacular comeback it was advertised to be. I think most would agree that the weave, wig or whatever it was did not look pretty, the *dancing* was more like a low class beginner's strip show and most people were probably wondering what kind of drugs she was on or when she was going to stumble right off of those 5 inch CFM boots.

What I can't understand is how they can call her FAT! Do you think she looked fat? Ok, she wasn't a lollipop head stick figure but she certainly was not fat. I'm not a fan but I just can't believe people think she is FAT. If she is FAT, what am I?

I don't think her outfit was flattering at all, she doesn't have her teenage body anymore and wasn't very tone but she absolutely was not fat. She should and could have worn some amazing designer outfit that would have shown off her curves and she would have looked fabulous but she basically wore a sparkly bra and panties (I guess we can all be glad she was finally wearing panties).

I would be ecstatic if my body were as *fat* as hers. Come on people, just look at her stomach. This girl just had TWO BABIES in the last three years. I'm sure this is one of the reasons why virtually every woman in this country has some sort of eating disorder or issue with their weight no matter what their size.

What is wrong with us? Why are we being encouraged to be a size 0 or 00? What is that about? I don't think it is attractive to have a layer of skin on top of your skeleton. I like my curves (although right now I admit there is way too much jiggle over them). Woman are supposed to have curves. That is the way we were made. We are not supposed to look like pubescent boys.

It depresses me to think that even if I got down to my goal weight some people would still think I was fat. That is just so messed up and makes me want to scream. I find myself yelling at the TV or shaking my head and muttering to magazines headlines "SHE IS NOT FAT."

Brit may be strange or just a bit kooky, she may or may not be a good mom, she may make very poor choices in men, she may party too much, she may need some serious fashion advice and a good hairdresser and she may forget to wear underwear most nights but she is absolutely 100%, no doubt about it in my mind, NOT FAT.

Would you be happy with Brit's body? Would you feel fat if that was the body you saw in the mirror? How would you feel if you looked like that and people were calling you fat?


  1. I totally agree with you. I long for the day when I am as "fat" as Brittney Spears.

  2. I agree, she wasn't fat. She was a total disaster, but not fat. I think if she had been dressed appropriately people wouldn't be harping on her as much, but I think no matter what she wore they would still have called her that. She built an industry off of her barbie-body, and it isn't there anymore. People love to knock other people down and there was no way for her to avoid it.

    Of course, the bra and panties outfit was just asking for it, but even so.

  3. Hey, girl. I hope you have a better day today. Take care! :)

  4. Exactly! I mean, she looked like hell, but it had nothing to do with being "fat." It had to do with being Britney.

    Like your blog, too! Thanks for finding me!


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