Thursday, September 20, 2007

Broken Scale/Eviction Notice

My scale must be broken. It has been stuck in the same position for weeks and has not budged one iota. Maybe I should get a new digital scale that shows every fraction of a pound so I can see a loss no matter how negligible. I'd be happy with a tenth of a pound right now. I've been eating right and moving my ass but the scale refuses to move downward. WTF!

I'm probably retaining water or gaining muscle or whatever but when I work hard I want to see the results on the scale. I feel like the damn thing is mocking me. I think I heard it snickering at me this morning "I'm going to mess with your head." It is an evil appliance and I'm so tempted to hurl it right out the window. Why should it have the power to make me feel good or bad?

I know I shouldn't stress over the numbers on the scale. Eating right, exercising and living a healthy life should be enough of a reward but I want to see a lower number, dammit! I'm doing the right things so eventually my body will realize it has to give up its fight to keep the fat, right?

I realize muscle weighs more than fat and I know there are numerous reasons why I may not see a loss on the scale. I've screwed with my metabolism so severely over the years I have to work harder and harder each time I get serious about losing weight. My body has gotten very attached to all the fat it has been living with for so many years but it has to go now. The fat party is over. I'm hereby giving my fat an eviction notice. Hey Fat, "Get out and stay out! I can't live with you anymore. You are no good for me. Get out of my life. I hate you. You make me sick. You need to go far far away and never come back. Just go! Do you hear me?? Get out!!!"


  1. I know exactly how you are feeling! My weigh-in was today, and I only lost 1 and a half freaking pounds! I was SO disgusted I wanted to puke. I was angry, frustrated, upset, disappointed... and every other negative feeling that you can imagine. So what did I do? I pigged out. And now I'm angry, frustrated, upset, disappointed, etc. about that! And I feel like crap.

    I am seriously considering weighing myself only once or twice a month. Weighing in every week is REALLY getting on my nerves and is causing a lot of anxiety that I really do not need.

    We just need to keep going and not give up. The scale WILL move downward. The fat WILL melt off. We WILL get healthier with every pound lost. So hang in there. I'm getting back on track tomorrow... and hopefully I won't let my emotions or the number on the scale control me ever again.

  2. I know exactly how you feel! That little hunk of glass and metal is the bane of my existence!!

    Just remember it takes time and if you keep moving in the right direction, you will get there!!

  3. Hey there MB! Just wanted to say thanks for your comment today, it makes my day when people delurk, woohoo!

    I feel your frustration, really I do. Everyone says to focus on measurements and the fit of your clothes, etc etc, but sometimes it would just be nice to see a scale reward, darnit. I know personally I'd have weeks where the scale didn't move, then POW, it would come down suddenly when I least expected. Fingers crossed for you that it happens soon! Just keep on going and it is bound to happen for ya xx

  4. I can totally feel your pain on this. Personally, I have a tendency toward the OCD when it comes to things with numbers. I tried weight watchers once and got so obsessive about the points, it scared me.

    Nonetheless, I hate the scale. I'm tempted to weigh myself twice a day, but it does more harm than good for me. I now only do it every Saturday morning, first thing after I pee. Naked. That way I can keep an eye on what's going on and not obsess over the water weight/hormonal fluctuations.

    You're doing great and by blogging about it, you'll build a great community of support. You'll find what works for you! = )


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