Friday, September 7, 2007

Where do you find inspiration?

Do you carry a photo of a slimmer or fatter self? Do you put pictures of models with your dream body on the refrigerator? Do you have skinny jeans or a dress you want to fit into hanging where you have to see it every day? Do you watch all those weight loss programs and infomercials looking for the key? Do you read weight loss blogs (obviously you do if you are reading this); but do they inspire you?

I find that I am more inspired by the average person than the celebrity who can drop the baby weight or lose 50+ lbs for a movie roll or photo shoot in a matter of weeks. I don't know why I think it is easier for the rich and famous to lose weight. I guess I assume they have more time and resources to keep them healthy. Maybe I need to get a trainer to get my fat ass to the gym or hire an amazing chef to cook some tasty healthy meals but deep down I know it doesn't matter how fat your bank account is - it is the decisions you make each and every day.

The rich and famous have more of an incentive to look good while the average person can go through life hiding from the camera and avoiding the mirror if we want to. I can't imagine how I would feel if I saw my fat ass on the cover of a magazine with some horrific headline like "it is not a fat suit." *shudder* Just knowing that there are high power zoom lenses out there trying to get an unflattering shot of the dimples on your thighs or butt must give them a kick in the ass to put in that extra hour of cardio or pass up the dessert or extra glass of wine. Shouldn't being healthy and feeling good be incentive enough?

I try to find inspiration everywhere. I am constantly inspired by some of the amazing woman out there in the blogsphere. I find inspiration in every new post of many successful (and still working it or just started) weight loss heros. Jennette is the PastaQueen who has lost more than half of herself and is thisclose to her goal; Shauna is the DietGirl who really isn't on a "diet" anymore but the name kind of stuck; and Erin at Lose the Budda is finally getting comfortable in her size 10s. These are just a few of the incredible shrinking woman out there who prove that if you can commit to a program of eating well and moving your ass you can reach your goals (or find you are happy without actually reaching that magic number). Thanks for showing us that it is not always easy but it is possible.

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  1. My biggest inspiration comes from my blog buddies. Knowing that there are other chubby chicks out there facing the same struggles I am really encourages and motivates me. The support I've gotten from my "peeps" is priceless!


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