Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Red Sox Rolling Rally

Let's root, root, root for the home team!! It was a crazy Red Sox fan frenzy day in Boston. We didn't even have to wait 86 years for this one. I can't believe they swept the series in 4 games.

The office ordered hot dogs, beans, chili and all the fattening park fixings for lunch. They set up the big screen tv in the conference room so we could watch all the festivities. I stayed away from all that stuff and ate the salad they ordered for the vegetarians. It was so hard to stay away from the peanuts, chips and all the other snack food but I did it.

I took a walk as far up Winter Street as I could, got in the middle of the crowd, sang dirty water as the Duck Boats and the World Champions rode by. I was one of those people wearing red and waving.

It is good to be a sports fan in Boston these days. Thanks to the boys of Summer who gave us another World Series Championship! See you at Spring training!


  1. I was there too. Did you see me? I'm the one in red.

  2. Glad you had fun and that the Sox are rockin' it!

  3. very exciting!

    I live in Chicago so I know how you feel...this was how it was when the WHITE sox won a few years ago. And we had to wait a while for it!

  4. i didn't g but someof my friends did!


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