Thursday, November 1, 2007

Halloween Candy

I can't believe I got through Halloween and the DAY AFTER without eating one piece of chocolate. WhooHoo! I even brought a small bag of the bite sized fat pills home from the office for B. I told him to hide the bag and not eat them in front of me.
I've spent too many Halloweens feeling sick to my stomach because I gorged on FUN sized candy; one right after the other. Why do they call it FUN sized? It is only FUN for that 3 seconds. I didn't want to allow myself even one little piece because I know I wouldn't be able to just eat one. But come on, it's Halloween, how can I not eat any candy? It doesn't feel like Halloween without the sugar high.
Why are we so conditioned to eat certain things on holidays? They do sell turkeys all year round; candy is always available. Why do we feel pressured to eat certain things on certain holidays. I'm starting the NO CANDY Halloween tradition. I don't think it will catch on but it works for me right now.

I know I have a binge eating problem. I know I can't have just one right now. Maybe when I've made some real progress but not now. I have to stay away from those trigger foods like sugar (it is my crack). Unfortunately, those trigger foods are EVERYWHERE. I'm hoping to get through tomorrow without giving in to the enticing calls of the candy dish.


  1. You are very wise to recognize your trigger foods and stay away from them. Great job!!

  2. you are so right on...we make holidays out of food that is always available, yet we make them out to be so important certain days of the year. I think traditions are great, but people get so hyped up and worried over the holidays and yes they are tough because of the food involved, but if everyone would stop and enjoy things other than the food, maybe it wouldnt be such a source of stress for anyone trying to lose weight and be healthy.

    I also avoid my trigger foods. At some pt I will be strong enough to have just ONE of something but not right now so I COMPLETLEY understand.

  3. i feel your pain comrade! i bought back two bags o' halloween candy from NYC to give to my work colleagues, and they keep calling out, 'eat me! i'm FUN! it says so on my label!' arrrgh. and american milky ways are so so so good... waaahhhhh

  4. You did great!! This was my first candy-free October, too. No more treating myself like a human garbage disposal!


No Sugar Coating Allowed