Friday, October 10, 2008

Declare Youself

Please, please, please ... take advantage of your right. Do your civic duty on November 4th and get out and vote. The deadline to register here in Mass. is October 15th so you Massholes still have time to get registered. It is already too late to register in some other states but I suggest you get registered anyway because we'll have another important decision to make in four years and sooner than that in your local states and towns. Do it now!


  1. We have an election here too but nothing as exciting as I expect it will be come November!

    I couldn't imagine not voting but there are so many people out there that are just apathetic and don't think that they can make a change. It's in our hands and we need to empower ourselves and NOT leave everything in the hands of government (oh, that could be an entire post!)

    Hey, I want to see some pictures with some of that beautiful foliage out your way :)

  2. I love the video! It's really cool that in Mass you can still register till tomorrow. Our cutoff here in Kentucky was 10/6. I have been registered since the day after I turned 18 (which is too long to discuss!) and I plan to vote first thing Election Day! I have heard that there are many, many new registered voters this election than ever before. It gives me hope.


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