Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Fat Talk Free Week ...

Head on over to Size Ate and read all about it.

It sounds like a great idea to me. I'm sick of listening to myself. I'm going to spend the week thinking and talking about HEALTH not F*T. *crickets*


  1. Thanks for the link. I have two daughters, ages 12 and 9 and also work with young women in my church. I've had to catch myself a couple times before going into an "I'm fat" diatribe. It doesn't do me any good or those who happen to hear it. Our worth isn't dependant on how we look. It's about who we are.

  2. Ooh, let's talk about your beautiful pictures instead! They capture the glorious colours of the season. You need to come here and do some picture taking as I think it's been one of the best shows in awhile :)

  3. I like your vibe. In the end, attitude matters above all, and yours is an inspiration.


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