Friday, October 24, 2008

Bad to Worse ...

Not only am I being forced to work for someone I don't like but they are insisting I move my desk to another part of the office. Right now I sit in a 2 person station with a right handed desk and they want to move me closer to the new guy in a four person station in a left handed desk. I absolutely don't want to move.

The good news is I made an appointment to see a headhunter Monday morning. He said he has some good positions available. I also talked to my boss about my issues with the "restructuring" and told him I was not happy about working for the other guy but would do it but if they forced me to move my desk I was going to be looking for another job as much as I love working for him. He was very understanding and said he would talk to the executive committee but wasn't sure if they would change their decision.

I'm glad it is Friday but I'm already dreading going back to work Monday. I'm afraid I'm going to go in and they will have already moved my stuff to the new area.


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  1. I hope that the headhunter finds you something that makes you happier!


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