Thursday, August 13, 2009

Hear Me Roar

If you are not one of Jack Sh*t's 307 followers you don't know what you're missing. Jack usually posts lighthearted crazy lists, rhyming posts and fart jokes but when he comes up with something serious it just blows me away.

His post today was brilliant. You can read it all here. What really made me think was when Jack asked:

"Am I really doing all I can to succeed?

If you can honestly say “yes,” then God bless you, but I suspect that you’re in the minority if that’s truly the’ve got to get serious about this if you want to find the success you claim you want. You need to shift it into high gear, and start getting it done, and I mean like, today. You can half-ass it for as long as you want, but the real results aren’t going to happen for you until you knuckle down. Until you get serious.
There is a lion in my heart, and he’s roaring at the fat that I’ve saddled myself with by being stupid and lazy. Roaring at the complacency that allowed me to put my own health and future in jeopardy. He’s roaring at me every day, filling my spirit with grit and reminding me that this is my day, this is my time. He’s pushing me to run wild and pounce on this chance, this opportunity to reclaim my life. This journey is not for the weak or the meek; it is for the strong-willed and the lion-hearted.
It’s time for you to roar."

WOW! What a powerful post, huh? My roar sounds like a meow but I'm working on it. I will ROOOAAAARRRR!

Time for me to get my Sh*t together. Thanks Jack!


  1. Love your can-do attitude!!!
    *ROAR*ing with you :> :>

  2. I hadn't seen his blog before, but that was a great post. You more than meow - don't sell yourself short missy! :-)

  3. ROARING right along with you, great post!!

  4. I felt the SAME WAY after reading his post! I'm with ya!

  5. Great attitude! The fact that you're still in the game is more than a meow. :)

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  6. My roar is getting louder every day with each new realization and each new change.

    I never thought I would make more than a simple mew when this thing all started. I guess we have to fake it til we can make it, right?

    Thanks for linking JackShit. I have seen his blog linked all over and never checked him out. He's awesome!


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