Saturday, August 1, 2009

Tragic Loss

Here in the world of weight loss blogging we do allot of navel gazing. We agonize over our fat and how desperately we want to get rid of it, we struggle, we work hard, we encourage each other and we spend so much of time fretting over what the scale will tell us. Did we eat enough fruits and vegetables? Did we refrain from eating sugary treats and fattening stuff? Did we workout hard enough and long enough?

Some fellow bloggers feel like family even though we've never met in real life. These are the people who cheer for our successes and encourage us to keep trying when we slip up. We feel like we really know them because they let us into their lives through their blogs. Some of us inspire (not me) and some of us get inspired by the successes of the weight loss rock stars.

We spend years of our lives worrying over our weight when it really isn't important at all in the big scheme of things. Of course we need to take care of ourselves but it is more important to live our lives RIGHT NOW, not after we lose "X" amount of pounds.

I've spent all morning crying over the tragic death of Kimberly Emmert, a woman I never met. Kimberly is Jen's mother who was struck and killed by a man backing out of a driveway as she was walking her grandson yesterday afternoon. I imagine she walked this walk many times and yesterday was just another day out walking until tragedy struck and she was gone.

Jen has been an inspiration to me and I loved reading her Mom's comments on her blog. Her Mom was always encouraging and supportive of her and it was a joy to have a peak into a healthy mother-daughter relationship. It is something I wish I had.

Today is the day Jen was hoping to hit the 100 pound loss goal she set for herself two years ago.

Do you think Jen even gave a second thought to what the scale said today? I have a feeling she would gladly take back all the weight she worked so hard to lose if she could have her mother back.

Life is too short to waste time stressing over our weight. Yes, we should eat healthy, exercise regularly and do whatever we can to live a long and healthy life so we can be with our family and friends. We don't know how long we have and we need to cherish every moment. Don't waste another minute of your life.

Live your life to the fullest RIGHT NOW and be sure to tell the people you care about how much they mean to you. You never know when they will be taken from you or you taken from them.

My heart is breaking for Jen and her family. I will be keeping them all in my thoughts and prayers and hope they are able to keep Kimberly alive in their hearts with their happy memories.


  1. Beautifully put ! You literally wrote down my exact thoughts, I can't help but feel the need to rethink what's important, and what is not so much. Thanks.

  2. That was so beautifully written. I just happen to check her blog today from another's. So very sad.

    I agree, yes we should strive to be healthy but it is so important to show the poeple we love they are important. I have recently watched my mother in law lose two of her good friends and it is heartbreaking.

    Thank you for realizing and reminding us what is important.

  3. I had just started following Jen's blog and last week she sent me a lovely e-mail encouraging me on my journey and offering to help in any way she could. I know how close my Mom and I are and how devastated she must be. I bet the LAST thing on her mind was that scale. I've actually managed to be one of those people who have refused to put my life on hold because of my weight, for the exact reason life is SO short and in an instant it can change forever. I woke up this morning thinking of Jen and I'm sure she'll be on my mind most of the day.

  4. Well said. This was such a tragedy.

  5. Yes we live our lives to the fullest RIGHT NOW, not later not some time in the near future when xxx or yyy.
    This is a very thoughtful post and I hope Jen sees it too.

  6. I read about Jen's mom on many blogs. I hope you're feeling less bummed today. It is a tragic loss.

  7. I'm still around! I'm still keeping up with you, too!!!

    I hope you haven't forgotten about me!

  8. Hi- Just found your blog (via someone else's) - I read this post and thought it was so moving and thought provoking. Thank you.

  9. Jen-my sister sent the family your link to show us the girl eating oreo cookies on the right side of your page that is dedicated to our Mom. Thank you so much for the wonderful thoughts and prayers. It is amazing the support that we have had especially the response that Jen has had off her blog! Melinda

  10. Melinda:

    I'm glad Jen saw the tribute and sent the link to the family. I wanted to honor your Mom in some small way and when I saw the picture of the girl with the oreos it reminded me of her love of them.

    I'm so sorry for your loss. I find it hard to explain how much the tragic loss of your Mother affected me even though I never even met her. You could tell what a great Mom she was just by reading her comments on Jen's blog. I always looked forward to seeing what she would say.

    I continue to have you, Jen and the rest of your family in my thoughts and prayers. Take care and live the life your Mom would want you to live, she's still with you in your heart and spirit.


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