Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Big News

You know how much I hate my job, right? Well, it looks like I'm going to be free from the chains that have held me in this particular concrete box for the past 11+ years.

I got a call from a friend asking me about the litigation position open at my firm because a friend of hers had interviewed with my office manager. As far as I knew, there was no litigation position available which made me think they were interviewing for my position (AGAIN). These people are such sneaky b*stards.

I've had a great relationship with one of the partners I work for so I asked him if there was anything going on and he denied it. I knew he was lying so the next day I told him I heard the office manager had been interviewing for a litigation position and wanted to know if it was for my seat. After a little prodding he admitted that the a$$hole ("Dick") they forced me to work for last year has been on a campaign for the past 6 months to have me replaced because "it wasn't working out." Dick didn't have any complaints about my work, my work was excellent, but he just said he wanted me replaced.

I guess it explains why Dick has been even more of an a$$hole to me over the past 6 months. I'm sure he was intentionally being a miserable pr!ck to me to try to make me to quit. The partner I love working for and the office manager have been fighting with Dick for the past 6 months and telling him it was stupid to lose a good worker and he would just have to deal with it and make it work.

I am in limbo right now and don't know when I will be getting cut loose. I'm sure they will give me as little notice as possible but whatever .... I guess it is better than being blindsided like other people who had been here for over a decade who came in one day to find out it was their last. I'm sure they would have done the same thing to me if I hadn't found out about it. Of course, Dick knows I found out about his campaign but hasn't said two words to me about it. He is a Dick with no balls.

In my entire career I've never left a job without getting a farewell party, cards, gifts, celebratory cocktails, etc. One of the lawyers I worked for even wrote me a song and sang it to me on my last day. It doesn't matter how loyal or how hard of a worker you are, this firm will cut you loose without a second thought. They really are a bunch of heartless b*stards.

Once I get over being sad, disgusted, insulted and disappointed I will be able to celebrate the fact that I'm finally getting out of this hell hole I've been trapped in for over a decade. Of course, the timing s*cks but I'll survive. In the meantime I'm just waiting to find out when I will get that pretty pink slip.


  1. God, really...how shitty. I cannot believe that a grown man doesn't have the balls to tell you what is going on rather than act like a child.

    I hope that getting out of there is the best thing to happen to you. I bet it will be. :)

  2. BLECK - I am so sorry to hear that you lost your job. I will keep you in my thoughts and send positive vibes your way!

  3. I'd be tempted to leave now, no notice and leave the a$$ high and dry for a while.

  4. Total ASSES! I'd be tempted to call HR or a union or something along those lines and inquire about wrongful termination. That is disgusting! Seriously I think you have a case. Your other bosses are just as spineless for allowing this to happen!
    AARRGHHH makes me mad!

  5. UGH how horrible. it sounds like my office environment. but just think of it in the positive - that you will be free of this job and now you will have no choice but to get out there and make finding a better job your full time job. I have been so fearful of getting laid off, but sometimes I wonder if it wouldnt be for the best. its like breaking up with an abusive person - hard and scary, but also so so wonderful. sounds like you will have nothing but wonderful references and that its nothing against your work or work ethic, so its sadly just a personal thing and this person will get his some day.

  6. WHAT????!!!
    And he's just allowed to do that? Just like that? Without any notice? Aren't there any laws about that?
    What a .....*peeeeep* of a man!

    You're handling it brilliantly, though. Very strong. Very dignified. If he wants to be childish he can, at least you'll walk out of there with your head held high. He's the one seen as a little boy having a tantrum.
    Go you!

  7. I hope you get through the sadness quickly. They all sound like quite a nasty group to work with.
    Times might be hard but are we meant to put up with this kind of crap. Think again!
    Get on with something good and good for the soul.

  8. Dick. What an appropriate name.

    Sorry for the drama, but I can't help but think it will wind up working out much better for you in the long run. Now to just get past the icky stage.

  9. Hilly: We can't all be lucky like you by having a boss who is brutally honest. ;) I know I'll be happy as soon as I get over the hurt. I can't wait to get out.

    Jen: I'm upset about how it's all going down and being played out but I can't say I'm upset about leaving there. I'm going to make going to the gym my job and I'll be sure to send you some sweaty pictures soon ;)

    Tina: I am tempted to leave but I just can't bring myself to screw them after 11 years even if they didn't hesitate to screw me. I don't know why I care about leaving with my head high and no regrets but I do.

    Skinny me: Unfortunately, employers don't need a reason to lay off or terminate unless you have a contract. I'd love to sue them but they're lawyers and it wouldn't be worth it to fight the b@stards.

    Heather: As scary as being laid off is, I honestly believe I will be better off getting out of this place. It's so toxic and I've been stressed out and miserable for a long time. I hope your work situation gets better soon too. I'm a big believer in karma and I hope I get to see what these guys having coming to them.

    Me: I'm sure I wouldn't have had any notice at all if I didn't find out about it on my own and confront them. They are such cowards.

    POD: I don't think it will take me long to get over it. Once I'm out and don't have to see their lying faces every day I will feel free. I'm looking forward to having some time to take care of my damaged soul.

    Cammy: I know you're right. I was actually thinking about you today and hope to take the time off to work on myself like you did. I can't wait to see where it takes me.

    THANK YOU ALL for the support.

  10. That's awful - was in a similar position last year. HR person lied to my face for 5 months. Told me she was taking care of my immigration paperwork - turned out she hadn't and by the time she told me the truth it was too late to do anything - INS waits for no-one. And as I'm one of those idiots who believes in only working legally in the US I ended up having to leave the country once my work permit expired.

    There is a shedload of karma waiting to drop on Dick's head.

    Good luck - you'll find a great job and be better of without them.

  11. omg MB! That's AWFUL!! (sorry to be so late to the party!) such GITS!!!! Is that even legal?!

    so sorry youre having to go thru this. sending u heaps of love xxxx

  12. Anonymous: I guess I need to be thankful I'm not getting kicked out the country in addition to being given the boot from my job. Hope you get to come back soon.

    BFP@W&W: Lawyers don't worry about whether things are legal or not. Thanks for the heaps of love. I need it these days.

  13. everything happens for a reason, and usually it turns out better! They are probably doing you a favour and don't even know it!!
    On to bigger and better!
    Too bad for them your such a great employee and they are too stupid to see it.. as for Dick what comes around goes around... karma baby gets you eveytime. sooner or later!!

    Good luck!


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