Thursday, November 19, 2009

True Friends

It's times like these when you find out who your true friends are.

I only have two more days to get through. I feel like I'm getting released from prison where I've served an 11+ year sentence. What will life be like on the outside? I'm excited to find out.

I hadn't talked to many people in the office about my departure because I can't seem to do it without getting all teary eyed. I'm not sad about leaving but I can't help but be hurt/offended/disgusted by how it all went down.

My replacement started yesterday so most people now know I am leaving and have been telling me how shocked they are by what happened. I'm not surprised by anything these people do anymore. I have seen too much over the past decade to really be surprised by their underhanded sleazy tactics.

It's funny how people I've never really been friendly with all of a sudden want to take me to lunch or out for drinks now that I'm leaving. These phony people have never invited me to lunch before but now act like they are my best friends. I politely declined their offers. Why would I want to spend my last days with these fake friends when I can spend it with the people I will truly miss?

I'm starting to get over the hurt and I'm looking forward to whatever comes next. I can't wait to have some time to take care of myself and figure out how to collect a paycheck without having to look at a lawyer. I honestly believe getting away from the stress of that horrible place will do wonders for my mind and body. I haven't been doing anything different with my diet or exercise routine but I lost 3 pounds this past week without even trying. Maybe the key to successful weight loss for me is getting rid of the monkeys (lawyers) on my back.


  1. I think it's awesome that you declined the phoney baloneys offers. I mean really, why do people do that kind of stuff?

  2. Hey there! Great job on maintaining your integrity in the face of adversity. That is the sign of a true class act and I know that you will create some fantastic opportunities for yourself going forward.

  3. Wow! Great "accidental" loss! Should get your renewed efforts off to a great start.

    Best wishes,
    Bearfriend xx

  4. Continued good luck with this transition period. We're rooting for you.

  5. Hilly: These are the same type of people who say they love you and then lie to you. You know, liars and fakers. We're so much better than they deserved.

    LAF: Thanks. I can't wait to find those fantastic opportunities.

    Bearfriend: I'll be there with you working towards those great goals you wrote about recently.

    POD: I love having all this support.

    You guys ROCK!


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