Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Final Countdown ...

FIVE days! That's all I have to get through. Just FIVE days. It seems like an eternity.

I can't believe I only have FIVE more days before I break out of the shackles that have bound me to my cubicle cage for the past 11+ years. After Friday, I won't have to see these abusive lawyers ever again! This is the last Sunday night I will feel sick just thinking about going there. Tomorrow will be the last Monday I'll have to drag myself to the office only to wish the week away, counting the days 'til Friday.

It is going to be a very long hellish week. They've been loading me down with piles of work trying to get as much out of me as they can before they have to deal with a new person. They're going to have to draft their own documents and won't be able to bill $450 an hour for the work I did that they only glance at and sign their name. They want me to bust my a$$ working on things that aren't even due for months. I have trial prep work, billing, massive amounts of discovery (interrogatories, requests for production, requests for admissions), complaints and subpoenas to serve, not to mention the piles and piles of filing, and that's only the stuff I know about. I'm getting stressed just thinking about it.

I wish I could just go in late, take long martini lunches and read blogs all day instead of working like a dog to make their lives easier by getting everything done. What do I care? What are they going to do? Fire me?

Is it Friday yet? I can't wait to do the happy Snoopy dance when I walk out those doors for the last time. Only FIVE more days ...


  1. It sounds like this will be a great change for you though I'm sure it will be scary too. Whatever comes next couldn't be worse anyway eh?!?!

    If I was you I wouldn't be killing myself work wise this week! Like you said what are they going to do fire you!!!! I'd sit back and at least take it a little easy while enjoying knowing all the work you are leaving them with.

    Best of luck whatever you do!!

  2. Good luck this week!

    Like crazylade said; I wouldn't do all that work.....let them get stressed for a bit. They deserve it after all.
    Enjoy Friday afternoon! Party time!

  3. Hi. If I were you I'd just work at the normal pace. They don't deserve any extra work out of you. They're lucky to get what they're getting.

    Bet you're looking forward to the weekend!

    Best wishes,
    Bearfriend xx

  4. Congrats on getting out, sounds like they treated you like crap, I wouldn't bust my ass for them either, let them sweat a bit. I've seen more jobs ended, just so the person has to be hired back as contractor, because the company didn't realize what they were doing, and nobody was around to pick up the slack.

  5. I am so happy for you!! You sound so happy and energetic and I'm glad you don't have to go back there anymore.
    Only do what is reasonable and don't let them 'use' you like you said. Put yourself first! They are just a bunch of a-holes that you may see again for the rest of your life (especially if you're changing career paths).

  6. that you may *NEVER* see again for the rest of your life

    ↑↑ sorry my bad!!

  7. I'm with Freind of the Bear. They gave you such a mountain of work they'll have no idea what you did/didn't get through so work your normal pace. And if you're worried about any potential blow back that might come from not doing the extra mountain of work piled on, consider this: they're assholes and the reference they give isn't going to change based on how much work you do in your last week.

    So don't kill yourself.

    (Grrr just makes me angry cuz I've been there and did work like a maniac in a similar situation and hindsight being 20/20, I shouldn'ta bothered).

  8. hooray! only 5 more days. I agree with most of the others - dont overwork yourself for a place that clearly does not give a crap about you. I think its great to be professional and work hard until the end, but dont kill yourself either over it. youve already given enough to that horrible place.

  9. Thank you all for being so supportive through this crazy time.

    Crazylady: I have no doubt whatever comes next will be better.

    Me: I can't wait for the party! Raise a glass for me tomorrow at 5:00.

    Bearfriend: I have a crazy work ethic and can't just let it sit there. I know they will miss me when I'm gone. The weekend can't get here soon enough.

    JustJulie: This firm has been abusing me for too many years. These lawyers make one bad business decision after another and they will realize they made a mistake after I'm gone.

    M3MC: Now that I'm over the initial shock I getting really excited. I can't wait to have some time to take care of myself for a change.

    Brooke: I'm sorry you were in a similar situation. I'm not worried about the reference or anything. The one partner has already written a glowing letter for me but I just feel like I need to leave knowing I did the right thing even if they don't appreciate it or care. UGGHH!

    Heather: You're right. I've already given them more than they deserve but somehow can't seem to stoop to their level. I hope things are getting better for you at work. I'm starting to get really excited now .... ;)

    THANKS EVERYONE! You guys are the BEST!!!


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