Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Playing in the Snow

Most people don't understand it but I absolutely love the winter - the more snow the better. I feel sorry for people who hibernate like bears in the winter and don't fully enjoy the snowy season. There is nothing better than gearing up and going out all day to play in the snow. Snowmobiling is so good for my head and it's even better now that I'm not trying to unwind from a horrific week at work, I can just enjoy the ride.

Last Saturday we went on our first snowmobile ride of 2010. We rode 145 miles from Groton, VT, through Danville, Lyndon and into East Burke. We stopped for lunch and a hot drink and then made our way back to Groton. We were out all day from 9 a.m. 'til 6:30 p.m. and I only got stuck once. The trail conditions were not the best but pretty decent considering we haven't gotten much snow in the area. It was extremely cold with temps in the single digits but that only means we take shorter breaks in the treeline out of the wind instead of in the open fields on the top of a mountain.

I was so much more comfortable and could muscle my sled around and stand up more easily while riding since I have more strength and less bulk slowing me down. I did a little happy dance when I put my snowmobile pants on for the first time and didn't feel like a stuffed sausage like I did last year. I was able to zip them up without any problem and even had room to spare. Last year I had to hold them closed, hold my breath, suck it all in and PULL HARD.

I'm going to break out my favorite jacket I haven't been able to wear the last few years to see if it fits. The last time I tried it on I could only get it zipped around my waist but couldn't pull it down over my hips. While everyone else is trying to fit into a bathing suit, I'm making it my winter goal to fit into that jacket before the end of the snowmobile season.

B's on call this long holiday weekend so we can't go up north but I'm already looking forward to the next ride and how much lighter I'll be by then. Ride on.

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.


  1. Love the happy dance on the pants fitting :D

  2. I SO hope your jacket fits by the end of snowmobiling season, I know it will!

  3. Continue to have fun in the snow. I'm not so fond of snow but then I'm in California. It snows about 2-3 times a year on my head. That's just perfect!

    ("stuffed sausage" too much! LOL)

  4. I'm a snow lover, too, but I've n ever been out on snow mobiles. Must try sometime! Keep enjoying it for the rest of us!

  5. I am one of those people that absolutely hates snow. especially after last winter where I had a 6 hour drive home from work in a snow storm where I thought I was going to die the entire time! So I am a little bias to winter and snow. Im glad that there are winter activities that you really enjoy, and I hope you meet your goal and get that jacket on!

  6. Hooray for pants that fit! :)

    Winter would be an entirely different experience for me if we had snow. Real snow. We get a couple of dustings each year, and every few years we might get 3-6 inches. It lasts a day, then melts and re-freezes into ice. Miserable.

    But if I had lots of snow, a snowmobile, and a snazzy snow suit, that'd be different. :)

  7. That sounds like fun! Easy Rider, baby!

  8. Another snow lover here!
    Can't understand why so many people hate it! Especially since where I live doesn't get all that much snow. This year we had plenty! Last time that happened was at least 10 years ago I think!

    Snow/ski pants that fit! Super! Mine were also a little better fitting compared to last year. :D

    Enjoy the snow while you can! It's cone here now.

  9. I wish I could experience snow. Even once. But I think I'd freeze my butt off. A girl from the tropics in the snow? I have some adjusting to do....

  10. I remember being a passenger on a snowmobile a few times when I was a kid, and thinking how wonderfully freeing the experience was. I've long wanted to give it a try: I think you've just inspired me to find a club somewhere that specializes in teaching newbies the ropes.


  11. Lori: Happy Dancing burns more calories, right?

    {All} for a Better Life: I love that jacket - I hope it fits sooner.

    POD: I wouldn't mind just having to travel to the mountains to find my snow. Hope you are staying dry and out of the mudslides out there.

    SoMi's Nilsa: You should plan a trip to Vermont sometime.

    Heather: I remember when you got stuck in that awful commute. I had a bad experience commuting in the snow too but it's different when you are prepared to play. I'll be sure to take pictures when I get that jacket on.

    Cammy: I was so relieved to be able to zip those pants. Anytime you want to take a tour in the snowy Northeast, I'm your tour guide.

    LAF: Too funny .... I always sing Born to be Wild when I'm riding my snowmobile ;)

    Me: I'm glad your gear fit a little better this year too. Here's to buying new (smaller) gear next year.

    Tricia: Thanks Tricia - I always do.

    All Women Stalker: The trick to enjoying the snow/winter is be prepared and wear the right gear. I am NEVER cold when I'm out all day snowmobiling. It's all about the gear which is why I really want to be able to get back into that expensive jacket.

    Carmi: You could visit me in Vermont and I'll show you the ropes ;)


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