Thursday, January 14, 2010

Thematic Photographic 84 - White

As you all know, I love snow so I just had to participate in this week's Thematic Photographic assignment "White." There is nothing better than flying through the fluffy powder on my sled but the thing I love even more than riding on the snow is the calming effect it has on my mind. The snow muffles the noise of the world and everything seems so quiet and serene. The blanket of white covering everything looks so clean and pure. I know snow is good for my soul. I agree that it's a pain to have to shovel it and commute to work in it but you should try to have fun with it too. Build a snowman, make a snow angel, have a snowball fight, take a walk in it ... just enjoy it before it melts.

If you want to join in the Thematic Photographic fun or see some amazing photos and creative thoughtful writing, go say hi to Carmi over at Written Inc.


  1. What a stunning shot! I can't stop looking at fresh, white snow on branches. There's something mesmerizing about the sight of it.

    You are so right about the sound of it all. I often think about how neat it is that snow can cut down on sound - but never have I seen it as well expressed as it is here. I was out for a walk early this morning, and your description of the snow could have easily applied to my specific experience. Cool!

  2. That is beautiful! It is amazing how snow dampens sound.

  3. That shot is breathtaking. I've never experienced snow so I am mesmerized.

  4. Carmi: It is mesmerizing. I had trouble trying to pick a favorite snowy picture because they all bring back the quiet peace of being out in it.

    Lori: It is amazing.

    All Women Stalker: You should plan a trip and find some snow to play in. ;)


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