Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Is there a support group out there for klutzes? I could really use one.

It's pretty comical that my mother worries about me when I'm out snowmobiling, ATVing, hiking, bungee jumping or playing other potentially dangerous sports because I generally only get injured doing every day things, you know, like when I broke my foot walking down my driveway or the klutzy move I made yesterday.

B and I were carrying a marble counter top into the camp yesterday morning when I slipped on the ice and snow and smashed my head on the marble. OWWWW! OMG! Pain! Blood! OOOOOUCH!!! It was awful. My sunglasses broke and there was blood everywhere. I have a cut above my eyebrow and my eyelid is swollen and looks like I have dark purple eye shadow on. I guess I'm lucky I didn't make contact with the marble an inch one way (eyeball) or the other (temple) because I expect that could have been much worse.

I gave myself a day off from the gym due to my injury. I've been keeping my eye on ice and feel ok but I didn't think it would be a good idea to go to the gym and get the blood pumping.

I called my primary doctor's office and the eye doctor to ask if they think it's necessary for me to have it checked out. I didn't black out, I'm not having any problems with my vision or any headaches so my doctor didn't think I needed to come in unless it gets worse. I spoke to the eye doctor too and she said I could come in the office if I wanted but she thinks it will be fine.

UGHHH! It seems like these things only happen to me. It's a miracle I can get through the day without injuring myself. It's a good thing I signed up for COBRA coverage so I still have health insurance. A person like me should never be without it.

I don't usually post photos of myself on here but thought you'd like to see my big puffy black/blue swollen eye. Please ignore the fact that I am long overdue to have my brows waxed. It doesn't look like I'll be getting them waxed anytime soon.

If anyone asks me what happened I'm just going to say "oh, this is nothing, you should see the other guy."

Not only did I mess up my face and look like I went a few rounds in the ring with Rocky but I broke my new funky sunglasses ;(

So, do you like my pretty purple eyeshadow?


  1. Safety glasses are in order! The eye looks like it hurts.
    Glad you did not suffer more.

  2. OOOOWWWW! Make the most of it while it just looks pinky purple because my experience says it'll probably go through the whole colour spectrum before it's better.

    Are you going to do the other eye in matching colours? ;)

    Hope it heals quick!

    Bearfriend xx

  3. Yikes, glad to hear you are takin' it easy for now. I'm sure you'll be back to the gym in no time!

  4. From a fellow klutz, I do appreciate the purple shadow, as it is a nice reminder of good fortune in that you didn't lose your eye.

  5. Owww!!! Wait until it gets that lovely yellowish color - you will wish for purple again. Glad your eye is okay!

  6. oh man!
    Reminds me of the time i broke my toe...except it wasn't me being a clutz...it was me being a doofus.
    I lost my temper and kicked the door...the door won.
    At least you weren't an intentional moron...just a little clumsy.
    Hope you feel better soon.

  7. Luuurv the colour! ;)
    Looks like it'll turn blue, green yellow and every other colour soon.
    Just say you are trying out new eyeshadow colours. Hihi!
    Shame about your glasses.

    Take care!

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  9. Oh my gosh! I'm so sorry you got hurt!! I hope that you aren't in too much pain. :(

    My husband gets nervous when I run, or when I use a knife, because well...my track record isn't so good with either one!!

  10. Ooh, that must have hurt!

    So glad that it wasn't more serious--fingers crossed for the colours to fade quickly ;) (purple is my favourite, you know!)

  11. I feel bad for poor Vancouver! I can't believe how warm it has been for them.
    BTW--come on down south to Windsor where we still have lots of snow from last week's storm!)

  12. Oh you poor thing! I hope that it feels better soon - I'm really thankful that you weren't injured more because it looks like it was a close call!

  13. Please be more careful next time! I hope your eye gets better.

  14. ouch! glad that you are ok though, and hope the bruise and swelling goes down soon. I am notorious for doing the same type of things, like when I stood up from my desk last year and just fell to the ground and twisted my ankle.

  15. OMG! Your poor eye! :( Hope it feels better ASAP.

  16. oh no looks painful! I hope you feel better soon!

    ps. I like your blog :)

    my blog: http://mollymariegetshealhty.com

  17. OMG that is nuts, you poor thing, I slipped on ice once and somehow landed on my chin and bit through my lower lip, I still have a scar from that but it is small. Hang in there cookie, you're not the only one who does things like this so don't feel bad or call yourself a klutz. :-)


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