Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Muscle Soreness or Injury?

How do you tell the difference between muscle soreness and a more serious injury? Is it just the intensity of the pain?

I've been suffering with some lower back pain over the past week which I thought was due to my intense 60 minute workouts on the elliptical. I have been stretching before and after but thought maybe I wasn't doing enough or maybe I was just working muscles that haven't been used this much in a long time.

I've never been this consistent with my workouts and initially thought that the pain was just soreness from all the activity but I'm starting to think it may be something more serious. I had a massage over the weekend and was feeling better but then last night I kept waking up every time I tried to roll over. I put some ice on the area and plan on taking a long hot bath soon to see if that helps.

Do you have any advice on how to tell whether you're just sore or whether you need to call the doctor?


  1. Soreness due to any intense physical activity should never last more than several days. I'd say that if it persists, go to your doctor or even a chiropractor. It's possible that you pulled something. I remember several years ago suffering from severe sciatic pain and it lasted months!

    Take care of yourself and let us know what happens :)

  2. I agree- if it doesn't sort itself out within the week, I would get it checked. Although with back injuries its hard to tell. I was in martial arts a few years back and fell backwards in the wrong way- I had some soft tissue damage in my back that caused pain that lasted an entire year that just had to go away on its own. (I wasn't about to take pain meds for a year!)

  3. I agree with Manuela - if it doesn't go away in a few days, I'd definitely have it checked out.

    I am a firm believer in stretching both before and after I work out (which is a new thing for me in the past year) and knock on wood, I haven't had any problems.

  4. No need to say you should get that checked! I hope it's nothing serious, but you can't be too careful about this.

  5. I agree - more than a week and I'd think injury. Muscle soreness shouldn't wake you up at night. My chiropractor always says ice for 20 min every hour to get the swelling down, and if that doesn't do it after a few days it's time to see a doctor.

  6. Can only agree with the people above me; you need to see a doctor.

  7. The difference, you can drink some protein and the pain will subside in a day or two...pull something out of whack....it will stay that way.
    Hope it's just muscle soreness.

  8. if your in pain a lot and its stopping you from moving about freely I would see a dr if it keeps up. feel better soon!

  9. Thanks for the good advice. I have an appointment to see the doctor tomorrow (he's out of the office yesterday and today due to the Passover holiday).

    I'm thinking it is a pulled muscle or something because it seems to stiffen up overnight causing lots of pain in the morning but once I get up and walk around a little it feels better.

    I'll keep you posted and let you know what the doctor says.

    THANKS AGAIN! You guys are the BEST!

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