Monday, March 1, 2010

Paying the Price

I'm having Winter Olympic withdrawals. I loved watching the games and hate that I have to wait 4 years to see them again. Where will we be in 4 years? Will we have reached our goals? What are we doing to make it happen?

Sandrelle at Keeping Off the Pounds recently posted an article by Dr. Denis Waitley called The Winner's Circle.

The article really hit me hard and made me think about how much effort I am putting in to reach my goals. Is it enough? Am I willing to put in the effort to get the results I want?
Dr. Waitley writes:

Everyone wants to win, but few are willing to invest the time and effort. Paying the price means focusing on developing the skills and training regimen of champions—observation, imitation, repetition and the internalization of knowledge into habits; also, learning why and how to go the extra mile and seeing success as a marathon, not a dash. Champions view failures as temporary inconveniences and learning experiences.

Are you willing to pay the price to go for the gold?


  1. The "learning opportunity" resonated with me. One thing I figured out on the way to losing my weight was that my previous failures were nothing to be ashamed of--with each and every one, I learned what DIDN'T work for me. When I finally pushed emotion out of the picture and looked at it from an intellectual POV, I had a mostly clear idea of what would stand a better chance of working. I had to tweak as I went along, but I had learned what didn't work and knew not to try those things. :)

    Excellent post, MB!

  2. I sure am willing. In many respects, I don't have much choice: My office is just over 10 miles from my house, by the airport. Taking the bus would be ridiculously inconvenient - transfers and all would make it a 2+ hour trip. So when the snow melts, I'll be back in bike commuter mode.

    I love how riding to work defines my day - and gives me a built in excuse to become amazingly fit without really trying too hard. It's just a ride to work, I tell myself. And everything else just takes care of itself!

  3. I actually am willing to go through hell just to be healthier and more fit. I'm willing to learn and to be taught. I'm willing to invest time and effort in this.

  4. I had withdrawal too! Being in Canada, I had nonstop coverage (of course, not having full-time work also helped!)

    I love the winter games but unfortunately I cannot agree with being sad about seeing the snow melt ;)

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