Friday, March 19, 2010

Who let the dogs out?

*Warning* *Rant Ahead*

Why are cheating men making network news headlines? There have to be stories more important than the latest sleaze ball dog stepping out on the woman he promised to love and cherish above all others until death parts them.

If I want to know how many mistresses a pro golfer had, how many people helped cover up for a politician screwing around on his sick wife or how many tattoos the bombshell who screwed the "happily" married to a famous actress biker had I can watch the entertainment news shows or read the celebrity blogs and rag mags.

Is it really the "greatest comeback ever" for the golfer. He never really left, did he? It's not like he lost a limb, was in an accident, had a disease or broke his bones and struggled to get back to the game. He went to rehab for having too much sex with too many woman behind his wife's back. Why is that considered a great comeback in the sports world? I don't understand.

It breaks my heart that the Oscar winning actress who gushed about being in love with a man who finally had her back. He was someone she could trust and be herself with. He was someone who made her work better because she knew she had someone at home who made her feel safe and protected. This dog of hers was smiling and supporting her while he was simultaneously lying and screwing some tattoo covered skank in her home.

Most men are dogs who think with the head between their legs instead of the head on their shoulders. Why don't these cheaters delete the text messages and voice mails? Are they really that stupid or do they want to get caught?

It makes me sick that woman allow men to take advantage of them and get away with this type of behavior. I don't think any woman should put up with a dog unless it walks on four legs, gets lead around on a leash, wags its tail, is always excited to see you, warms your bed and gives you nothing but unconditional love.

Why do these men bother getting married if they don't have any intention of keeping their vows? I don't think I'll ever understand why these cheating dogs are headline news.

*My apologies to all the good guys out there (all 3 of you).


  1. Hot damn, this is a beautiful rant. I seriously need to print this out and send it to a few men I know. Eh, on second thought, it's not going to do much to change them, I'm sure.

    I think women believe that they can change a man...sorry but no. Super dogs are pretty much always going to be that way. I used to date a man who truly loved me with all of his heart. I knew that I was the only woman he could ever love. However, he did not know how to stay faithful. He just couldn't. While I knew he loved me the best way that he knew how, it wasn't ever going to be enough so I left.

    I wish more women would just leave these kind of men so that they'd learn that it's not okay to act like such children.

  2. good rant! it's pitiful, but most men are ran by their little heads, not their big heads.

  3. A$$holes!

    This is why my bf broke up with me. He had started an online *thing* with some dogsniffer in PA. Now they date over their computers, phones and an flying back and forth occasionally. I can't wait for her broom to crash.

    And "sex addiction" is just another way to say "typical male."

  4. I think out of all those you discussed, I was ashamed of Sandra Bullock's husband. Her tribute to him at the Oscar's was beautiful.

  5. Hear freaking hear!

    I'm sure some men are stupid enough they don't think to delete the evidence, and some likely want to get caught, but don't forget the assholes who think they're better/smarter/above being found out by their wives - you know, the smug SOBs.

    And as POD alluded to, I'm *so* over hearing can't-keep-it-in-their-damned-pants cheaters calling it "sex addiction." Give me a break! Man up, use those balls of yours for GOOD for once, and just admit you're scum, dude.

  6. I'm not sure how this became headline news either. While it's not so bad for lying, cheating scumbags to be outed, it's humiliating for spouses and families. Not something I want to be party to, that's for sure.

  7. The way the media portrays these cheaters makes me ill! Great points in this post. If it offers you any encouragement, I do know lots of regular "average" men who have been faithful to their wives.

  8. absolutely LOVED this post. needed these words. i'm worth more! i should not encourage sleazy behavior!

  9. AMEN!!!

    love it!

    sandra is just such a beautiful woman -- she's better off w/ out that scum!

  10. I could not agree with you more! If you are not willing to make a lifetime commitment, why bother?

    My husband always tells me that he's never kissed another woman since the day we met - almost 10 years ago!

    He also tells me that I am the oldest woman he's ever slept with though! :D

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  12. ITA... makes me sick. I am sick of hearing about Tiger and all the other dogs out there. Thank goodness I didn't marry one of those.

  13. Amen! I have been thinking the same thing (and I am also so sad for Sandra Bullock).

    Thankfully I am married to probably the most loyal man I've ever met. With all the dogs out there, even the ones who we would have never thought are dogs, I am so grateful to have found him.

  14. lmao @ "all 3 of you" for the good ones left out there. Amen sister. Excellent, excellent rant...the best I've ever read in Blogland! :)


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