Sunday, May 2, 2010

Hydrate or Die ...

When was the last time you had a nice cool drink of water? How long have you ever gone without it? I know a few people who NEVER drink a plain glass of water and they're still alive and kicking so what's the deal?

We've all been told how important it is to stay hydrated but we don't realize how vital it is until we can't simply fill up our water bottles, the stores are sold out and people are fighting in the isles to get their hands on a few gallons.

Millions of gallons of water have been rushing into the Charles River due to a massive water main pipe break. Over a dozen communities are under a state of emergency with a boil water order in effect indefinitely. If you are unable to get your own supply of water, the authorities are out in various locations distributing one case of water per family per day and making sure nursing homes and schools are well stocked. They aren't sure how long it will take to fix or when we will be able to drink from the tap again. They say it's safe to bathe in but we must boil all water before drinking or washing dishes, etc.

I didn't even think about it when I woke up this morning and brushed my teeth with the TAP WATER! Luckily, I haven't suffered any ill effects from it but I'm putting a bottle of water on the bathroom sink to remind me not to do that again.

I'm sure it was all in my head but I've never been so thirsty until I heard I couldn't drink the water. My house is not stocked with gallons of water since we switched to using a water filter system to help eliminate all the plastic bottles going into the landfill. I guess going green comes with some risks.
After hearing the news we went right out to the supermarket where we found a bunch of empty shopping carts in the water isle but no water on the shelves. We went to another store with a big sign out front saying "sorry, out of water" and then finally hit a gas station where we paid $6 for 6 little bottles of water because they were all sold out of gallons.
I was sad to learn that some places have been price gouging and hoarding water supplies when people should be coming together to help each other out in a time of crisis. If only people would just take what they need instead of trying to stock up a year's worth of water to get through a few days it would make it so much easier for all of us.

It's a bit of an inconvenience but nothing compared to people in other parts of the world who don't even have a faucet to turn on. Before we had a well drilled at our camp up north we used to have to trudge through the snow to our dug well to fill up buckets of water to be able to flush the toilet in the winter so this is easy peasy compared to that. Now if I can just remember not to automatically turn on the faucet to brush my teeth I'll be all set.
Time to fill up my bottles to take to the gym since I won't be able to simply hit the water cooler to fill up. Have you had your water today? Do you buy bottled water or drink from the tap? Drink up, it's good for you.
Remember, hydrate or die.


  1. Hi. I filter my water because it makes me ill otherwise - there's way too much chlorine in it.

    People do go over the top in saying that for example a cup of coffee doesn't count towards fluid intake - such nonsense given that it's 99.99% water.

    But actually one of the best ways to stay consistently hydrated is to eat plenty of salad and veg. They release water slowly as they go through your system.

    I hope they get that water pipe fixed ASAP!

    Bearfriend xx

  2. Wow, sounds like you're in quite a pickle with the H2O situation.
    Hope it gets remedied soon. I was thirsty just reading this post, lol!

  3. It's amazing what we take for granted, isn't it? Hope the problems get resolved soon!

  4. I heard about what's going on, I hope it's short lived!
    We buy bottled, because we have a well and we're not certain it's being properly cleaned. I do use the tap water to wash dishes, though.

  5. Very well said! We all take it for granted, but we're all very lucky here.

  6. wow, i must be living under a rock, i had no idea this was going on!
    i'm a huge water drinker, mostly tap, but do occasionally do bottled if going out.

  7. We have a reverse osmosis converter in our kitchen since we have well water - but I do buy bottled water when its on sale - under $3 for a 24 pack - my daughter usually takes one with her every morning and I'll take one to the gym.

    At work I have a 34 ounce Bubba Keg full of ice water - I drink one in the morning, one in the afternoon, and then usually don't drink any more water until the next day - its so easy when I am sitting at my desk!

  8. *Pinching myself* ... ouch! Oh yes, I'm alive! I don't drink ANY WATER. Ikky stuff.

  9. I know youre being a little hyperbolic but in the 100+ degree heat of the summers where I live--not so much huh?

    important post!

  10. what's such a shame is that there are millions arounf the world in this same predicament every day! with little or no access to safe drinking water! It's amazing how much we can take it for granted.

    thanks for the reminder ;)

  11. I want a shirt that says hydrate or die.


    But seriously, it's so important! I drink from the tap and lots of it!

  12. Water is so important! I remember before getting healthy I would go days without any water! Crazy, I know. I know get it from the tap and filter it to save on the plastic containers. :)

    BTW, thanks so much for visiting my blog and commenting! :)

  13. We like water so much we run it right into the house. haha. We drink it from the tap mainly.

  14. Sorry about the water prob....I just cannot imagine...I drink a gallon a day from the tap. BTW, I'm back from the beach! I posted a bunch of pics...check them out! :)

  15. Bearfriend: I think the thing with the coffee is the caffeine can dehydrate you so even though it's made of water it's not the best way to hydrate. The only reason why people who never drink water can survive is the water content in the food they eat. I'm going to have to pick up some watermelon ;)

    LAF: Funny how much more thirsty I got when I couldn't drink the water.

    Cammy: One of the problems with the modern world is we don't know how to survive without all the amenities.

    Jenn: We have a dug well at our camp in VT so I use bottled water to brush my teeth and drink up there but use the tap for dishes, etc. even though it's probably cleaner than the treated water we get in the city.

    misszippy: Just a reminder how lucky we are.

    love2eatinpa: I occasionally buy bottled water too when I'm out and about and don't have a place to fill up.

    biz319: I have a Bubba Keg too and LOVE it! I find it much harder to remember to drink my water than I did when I was sitting at my desk all day. I guess it's one good thing about having a desk job ;)

    Chris H: Glad you're getting enough water through the foods you eat. If you can't stand plain ol' water you should try it with crystal light or some other flavoring. It is amazing how much better you'll feel and your skin will look amazing when it gets the water it really needs.

    Miz: I actually got the title from the campaign slogan for Camelbak products. We hike a lot and the rangers will chew you a new one if they see you on the mountain without water.

    Shannon: We are lucky and it's good to be reminded how lucky we are every once in a while.

    Mary: I'm going to check if the Camelbak company has any shirts with that slogan on it. It would make for a great give-away, right? Hope you are staying hydrated on your trip.

    Anonymous Fat Girl: I was the same way - I hardly ever drank straight water. It is crazy. I'm looking forward to visiting you often.

    Bringing Pretty Back: What a great idea .... run it right into the house you say? Genius.

    Tammy: Glad you get enough water especially since you work out so hard. Welcome back from the beach. I saw your awesome vacation pictures. You look so happy and relaxed in all the pictures. Hope the arm is feeling better.


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