Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Thematic Photographic 97 - Spring Has Sprung

Thematic Photographic was on hiatus for a while but I'm happy to say it's back. This week's theme is "Spring Has Sprung." I love taking springtime photos at the Public Gardens in Boston but, unfortunately, the weather didn't cooperate this year and I missed the flowering trees. I was even more disappointed when the strong wind storms destroyed most of the tulips. The lack of flowers forced me to switch off the macro and point my lens in another direction. I'm glad I did because otherwise I wouldn't have gotten this shot which is a little overexposed but I still love it. I don't know the little girl so it was just a fleeting moment I was lucky to catch as she raced by to catch up to her family.
The seasons change so quick around here we often say if you don't like the weather, wait a minute, it will change. We've already had temps in the '90s but it was snowing in Vermont on Sunday and there have been freeze and frost warnings the past few nights.
I feel like I'm always rushing around trying to capture the seasons before I miss it and have to wait another year to try it again. I definitely didn't get my fill of snowy pictures this year. I was able to get a few shots of the remaining tulips which you can see here.

You can get all the Thematic Photographic details and join the fun over at Carmi's place at writteninc.


  1. I felt robbed and even violated! All that history, stories shared and comments from people like yourself!!! I didn't think I'd get it back but good for Google--they actually listen and read comments from the little guy ;)

  2. That is a cool shot! The winds and freeze ruined a lot of things here. Hope we get June flowers.

  3. That's a sweet shot of the little girl.

  4. Manuela: Glad you got it all back. It would have been awful to lose all that history.

    Lori: I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the June flowers will make it.

    POD: I actually thought of your Hannah when I took the shot. So sweet.

  5. Hi. I think this photo really sums up the theme in every way. Lovely!

    Bearfriend xx

  6. I use to work in Boston on Beacon small world


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