Saturday, May 22, 2010

Jillian Kicked My Ass

I'm not talking about the 30 Day Shred or a Biggest Loser video, I'm talking about Jillian Michaels in the flesh, live and in my face. Being able to stand thisclose to her you could feel the energy, passion and intensity radiating out of her.

Jillian Michaels, Mark and Jay from Season 5, and the Biggest Loser crew were in Boston yesterday (actually Chelsea with a view of Boston) filming for Season 10. Jillian lead a fitness challenge to determine who will be on the next season of the Biggest Loser.
Mark talked about how hard the workouts really were on the show. He said the contestants were so sore they had to wash their hair by squirting shampoo on the wall of the shower and rub their head on the wall because they weren't able to lift their arms up after taking those brutal beatings in the gym.

Just warming up for the step challenge was intense. Jillian mingled through the crowd yelling, screaming and torturing us through jumping jacks, lunges, jumping lunges, mountain climbers, jump rope and push-ups before taking a break to set up for the step challenge.

There were three potential contestants there who weighed in and did the step challenge to determine who would get to go to the ranch. The first two to get to 500 steps won a trip to the ranch and a black Biggest Loser shirt. The crowd went crazy cheering them on while stepping right along with them. Unfortunately, one of the contestants wasn't able to complete the challenge and went off in an ambulance after collapsing around the 400 step mark. Jillian said she was going to send someone to the hospital and she made good on that promise. It was scary seeing someone collapse like that but we got word that Elizabeth was doing well and would be fine.

I got to meet both of the guys who will be on the black team next season. I'll definitely be cheering for my new friends Fredo and Brendan. I had the opportunity to sit and talk to them and their families (hi Caroline and Danielle) and some of the producers after the majority of the filming was done. You can't imagine how long it takes to film what will probably only be 5-10 minutes of tv. They would do retake after retake to get the right shots.

At times I was inches away from Jillian but never got to talk to her directly and she didn't hang around or sign autographs or anything like that. Security was pretty tight around her and during the breaks she was in the limo or off to the side with security all around. I did overhear her talking to Mark and Jay about this season's show. She said she stopped watching it because she would get so frustrated and would yell "that didn't happen that way" or "I didn't say that at that time." After all the production magic and editing, what we see isn't always the way things really happened. She said Koli actually broke someone's nose while boxing and how she had to convince Sam to stop with the protein shakes if he wanted to lose the weight. You know, boys will be boys.
Man, she moves fast. Can you see her hair flying? Bye Jillian, thanks for the beating.

Everyone who registered got a Biggest Loser t-shirt but not the same ones as you see the contestants on the show wear. They had this logo on the front.

I'm not sure which burns more, my thighs or my skin. I'm extremely fair skinned and always wear sunscreen. I lathered on my SPF 50 in the morning before I left but I didn't think I would be out all day so I didn't bring any with me to reapply. By the time I left 5-6 hours later I was fried.

Oh, the burn ... where's the aloe? Ouch!


  1. I am so jealous!it sounds like so much fun to be there up and close with everyone. now get some aloe to take care of that burn!

  2. wow how cool is that... sunburn in Boston... is that hot up there already... did I mention I grew up just south of there... I worked for a lawyer for years on Beacon...I chugged up that hill from the common many many times in heals, boots, snow, rain and heat... was worth it though my boss paid for the parking..

    take care of that burn

  3. I put my aloe in the fridge so it is extra soothing to the burn. Take care of yourself and it sounds like you had a good time nonetheless.

  4. So sorry about that sunburn! (I use a cloth soaked in vinegar. Stinky, but it pulls the heat out. Or that may just be a "southern thing".)

    I'm glad, though, that you enjoyed the event! I would've punched her at the first yell. :) Okay, I wouldn't have, because I'm pretty sure she could beat me up with one hand tied behind her tiny back. But I would've walked away, for sure. ;)

  5. Ouch! That's painful looking and it probably looks worse in person I'm guessing.

    Very fun your experience with the Jillian crew!

  6. Hi MB. Wow! How exciting. Does this mean there'll be shots of you on TV?

    Glad you had such a great time!

    Bearfriend xx

  7. Sounds like fun! And ow on the burn! Try some tea bags that have been soaked in cold water. That can sooth burns.

  8. GASP! I'm jealous mucho! Thanks for sharing with us.

  9. Heather: The burn was worth it. I had a blast.

    Jules: I couldn't believe they were filming only a few miles away from my house, there were tons of people who drove hundreds of miles to get there.

    TaDa: It's been so hot up here the lilacs have already come and gone when they're usually blooming on Memorial Day. I worked for those lawyer bastards all over government center. If you get homesick for Boston you can check out my spring photos of the Public Gardens and Boston Common. Do you ever get back here?

    Katie J: Great advice for the aloe. I got a big spray bottle of it and have been soaking myself with regular doses. It was so worth it.

    Cammy: All those southern things work. I'm going to have to get some vinegar. Jillian lifted one girl's legs off the ground when we were doing the push-ups and I was praying she wasn't going to come over to me. She is one tough cookie but I bet you could go toe to toe for a few rounds with her ;)

    misszippy: My burn looks worse now a day later but I'll survive. It's a good lesson for me to learn - I should never be without sunscreen.

    Bearfriend: I think there is a good chance you'll see me on tv. I was right behind the contestants' families when they were weighing in and you may be able to see me in the crowd shots. I was too hot to wear my BL black t-shirt so keep an eye out for the girl in the pink tank top when Brendan and Fredo (and possibly Elizabeth) weigh in.

    Lori: They should have used that in those salada commercials. Thanks for the remedy recommendation, I never heard of that.

    Alexia: I loved being a part of the start of Brendan and Fredo's journey to a healthier life. I wouldn't be surprised if they reach their weight loss goals before me but I'm so happy for them and their wonderful families. I don't know if I could take daily beatings from Jillian. I'm still in pain after a few hours with her. 30-day shred ain't got nothin' on the real thing.

  10. What a neat thing to be a part of. I'm glad that Elizabeth will be okay. That's really scary to send someone away in an ambulance!

    So sorry for your sunburn.

  11. She looks so intense.

    But that sunburn is beyond intense. O.o I hope you and your skin are doing well.

  12. I.Love.Jillian. We'd totally be friends if we ever met. And doesn't sound creepy at all.

  13. OMG!!! so cool!!! you totally a behind-the-scenes look, stuff the rest of us will never see.

  14. duh, meant to say "got" after "totally"!

  15. It sounded like so much fun!!! What a day you had! :D


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