Tuesday, May 18, 2010

100 Minutes!

Remember when Tony, the Anti-Jared, challenged Jen, the original Prior Fat Girl, and everyone else to a 99 minute workout challenge last month? If not, you need to start reading their blogs because they are weight loss superstars who blog to inspire us all.
You can read about how I did on the 4/20 challenge here. I was nervous and excited to participate, and after, relieved and happy to have done it. I even sent my sweaty proof picture to Jen to post on her blog. That's right, no pictures of me here but you can see my exhausted sweaty blue-eyed mug over on Jen's blog. ;)

I normally go to the gym, do some stretching, a little weight circuit training and 60 minutes of cardio and then rush out of there. I started thinking about how good it felt to push myself out of my workout comfort zone to complete the challenge and if I could do 99 minutes once, I could do it again, right? So, since today was a random Tuesday almost a month later, I decided to challenge myself and do it again. Hundreds of other people weren't out there doing the challenge with me but that didn't matter, people push themselves to that level and beyond on their own everyday. I struggled to stay on the elliptical machine for 100 minutes but I did it. 100 minutes! My legs felt like jello when I got off the machine but I felt proud and fully capable of doing it again and again.

I've decided I'm going to do this extended cardio workout at least once a month on a random Tuesday. I'm even going to try to add another minute to my time each month. Anyone want to do it with me? It's so much more fun when you think about everyone else breaking a sweat right along with you and cheering you on in spirit.

Who's up for doing 101 minutes next month? Jen? Tony? Anyone? What do you say? Are YOU up for the challenge?


  1. wow--I cannot imagine spending that kind of time on an elliptical! Hats off to you. I run that long routinely, but I love doing it, which makes all the difference, I think!

  2. Way to go how awesome are you! You go girl!

  3. whoa whoa....you are crazy! I love the idea though of pushing yourself for an extended cardio session once a month.

  4. I dont have the ability to work out.. wish i did

  5. Keep on sweating. I sweated from looking at those photos of all of you on the other blog post. Sheesh!

  6. Hi MB. When I do a walk I don't consider it a proper walk unless it lasts 1 1/2 hours. This is because it takes the body 45 mins to get into fat burning mode (with that level of exertion) so I want to make the most of it being it that mode.

    So to have regular sessions where you go over 60 mins can only be beneficial.

    Bearfriend xx

  7. What a great idea! Congratulations for upping the bar for yourself and all of us!

  8. Congrats on meeting your challenge!

  9. I noticed that nobody has really taken you up on your challenge yet. Wait sorry, Jen did say that she loves the idea.

    And I will do it with you. Now granted I do not think that I can make it 101 minutes on the elliptical yet. I just started on mine and pretty much die at 30 mins. I am serious. My HR is usually around 208-212 and I am pouring sweat.

    But I can walk for 101 minutes I am sure. I will even push myself and do some intervals of running/walking.

    So are you really up for this? I must admit I am a little scared but pumped up and motivated at the same time.

    Rock it, live it, own it!!

  10. Hey MB,

    I got my fitbit too last week!! I just haven't posted about it yet, but so far so good!!! It's pretty cool eh?

    K :)

  11. misszippy: I can't say I love the elliptical but I love that I can get a good calorie burn without killing my knees. I'd love to be a runner but I don't know if that will ever happen. I'm going to jump on the C25K bandwagon soon and hope to be a regular wogger (walker/jogger) soon.

    Lindsay: ;)

    Jen: I learned the crazy from you and Tony ;)

    TaDa: I wish you could work out too but we have to work with what we have and you've been making great progress. Keep up the good work.

    POD: I hate to sweat. Why does it have to be so good for us?

    Bearfriend: I'm so happy to see you getting out more. I love all the pictures you take on your long walks. Keep getting out and enjoying the scenery.

    Diane: You've set the bar really high. Someday I hope to come close to it.

    Cammy: Thanks!

    Lisa: Just like Tony and Jen's challenge, you can do whatever exercise you want and are comfortable with. I'm so happy you're going to join me. Yes, I'm really up for it. I'm thinking of doing it on 5/22 but whatever Tuesday works for you is good for me if you want to try to do it on the same day. Hmmm...maybe I should do it every Tuesday ;) Enjoy the walk. YES - rock it, live it, own it!

    Skinny Me: We must have ordered them around the same time. I thought it would never get here. It is pretty cool. I'm looking forward to hearing your review of it. Hope you're feeling better soon. Take care.


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