Friday, May 20, 2011

Good News/Bad News

Good News: I got a job!!
Bad News: I have to go back to work ;(

Good News: I'll be getting a paycheck
Bad News: The paycheck will be so much smaller

Good News: I'll be working at a low-stress office
Bad News: I'll be working in an office

Good News: I'll be working close enough to the gym to continue to go to kickboxing classes
Bad News: I'll be rushing to get there, work out and get back in a lunch hour

Good News: I've lost over 90 pounds since getting laid off in November 2009
Bad News: I'm still not at my goal after 18 months

Good News: I've lost a total of 90.3 pounds in the past 18 months
Bad News: I gained 1.6 pounds this week

Good News: I only have to lose 10.7 pounds to get to my goal
Bad News: The last 10 pounds are the hardest

Good News: I feel blessed to have had this time to take care of myself
Bad News: It's going to be much harder to find the time to take care of myself

Good News: It's Friday!
Bad News: I only have one more free Friday after today

Good News: It's all GOOD!


  1. Congrats on the job!! At least this way, when you DO hit your goal you can afford to buy yourself something nice! :)

    Welcome back to the wonderful world of desk jockeying!

  2. Glad to see there is more good news than bad! Focus on the good!

  3. Hmm. Not sure if I am supposed to say congratulations or offer hugs.

  4. Love it--it's all good! I think the good news outweighs the bad! Best wishes with your new job.

  5. Good luck to you!always think positive to reach your goal.

  6. The job is great news and I have faith in you that you can make it all work. It sounds like it will be less stressful than your last one which will be half the battle I think. I also reckon you have a need to prove to yourself that you can do this while working (which of course you can!). You will feel even better and more relaxed about it all when (not if) you do.


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