Tuesday, January 29, 2008

100 Calorie Packs

Brilliant marketing idea, right? Sweet, Smart, Satisfying. Can't go wrong there, can you? You can have yummy snacks, satisfy your cravings and only consume 100 calories. Well, it sounded good at the time.

I have a couple of problems with this packaging concept. First, you pay a much higher price for these products because you can't trust yourself with the economy size bag of cookies or chips, you don't have enough control to each just a few so you pay a higher price to have someone put the crap in a smaller bag. I have to admit my biggest issue with these 100 calorie packs is I should know I can never eat just one.

I was having intense cravings for one of my most desirable trigger foods (chocolate covered pretzels). I was not going to give in to these cravings. I'm determined to lose my fat, right? Chocolate covered pretzels are not on the menu. So I resisted and resisted for months until I was lured by the old 100 calorie trick. I was at the supermarket picking up fresh vegetables, fruit, chicken and other healthy stuff and I was not going to buy any junk food. I was cruising the perimeter of the market and doing my best to avoid the tempting junk in the middle isles but got distracted as I headed to the checkout. My eyes feasted upon a display of 100 calorie packs including chocolate covered pretzels. Ahhhh...sounds perfect...I can satisfy my cravings without really going off plan and eating a whole bag of Flipz. Excellent!

Surely I can handle having a snack food in the house. I planned on having one 100 calorie pack as a special treat when the urge to snack hit hard and I needed something to keep my cravings from getting out of control. I didn't open the package and stuff them down my throat in the parking lot like I have in the past. I didn't hide the evidence before getting back home. I put the box away with the other groceries and felt like I was finally making some mental progress with my food disorder. Sure, I can control my cravings, I can stop binging and making myself sick with sugar, I can have a treat without going overboard. Oh, I'm such a silly girl sometimes because I was very wrong. I can't be trusted (yet).

I woke up in the middle of the night and inhaled the whole box of 100 calorie packs. Umm...800 calories worth *gulp*. What the hell was I thinking? I'm hoping it was at least less calories than a whole bag of those Flipz.

No more 100 calorie packs for me until I can be trusted to just eat 100 calories worth.


  1. yeah those things are bad..I have to stay away from those. but dont wory, we all have those moments where we totally go overboard.for me, I just try to stay away from that stuff and not buy it. that seems to help.

  2. I'm like you, there are some things I just can't have in the house no matter how it is packaged. Ice cream ... can't have the stuff in the house. If it's an ice cream bar it is OK (not sure why, but that doesn't set me off), but other than that ... watch out!

    Single serving stuff does help me when it isn't a trigger food, though.

    Hmmmm... what works for me is to enjoy my favorites very rarely (but not never), but enjoy them outside the house where I am limited in what I get my hands on. Obviously ice cream is a little more out-of-the-house-accessible than the pretzels - I can order one scoop of ice cream, but I don't know of any pretzel parlors ... but maybe you can come up with something similar?

  3. I totally relate.

    Some things I just cannot have in my house.


  4. Hey!! Thanks for the message on my blog about the Pats - I'm sorry that there is no parade there for you :( I went in 2001 when I lived there, and it was very exciting... gosh, this loss is way worse than either 86 or 96 :(

    Anyhow - I love your blog! My friend and I have a weight loss blog too - well its more like a support group, lol. We give advice about how to lose weight and talk about our own problems losing weight - and yes, we even tell our weight too! I'm about 5 pounds more than you, so I totally know how you feel in your other post... it sucks, but I figure there is hope in the future :)

    Anyhow, come on by if you want - www.ourwickedweighs.com

    Go Pats! (um, next year I guess, lol)

  5. oh and one more thing - stay away from the flipz ;)

  6. I can't keep the 100 calorie packs in the house except for the mini bags of popcorn. I can handle those. I have a bag and a cup of light hot cocoa if I want a splurge. I tried keeping the chocolate 100 calorie bars around and that didn't work either.
    My body really reacts to junk food in a negative way...I ALWAYS want more afterward.
    I've done the very same thing you have with the Lorna Doone's and the peanut butter ones.
    You're definitely not alone.

  7. oh I'm with you.. chocolate-covered pretzels actually beckon for me. No really. They call my name.

  8. I so can not do these either.

    or, when I start, I need to realizeacknowledgeMAKEPEACE with the fact that the whole pack shall be devoured.



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