Thursday, January 10, 2008

NyQuil and the Status Quo

I made it through the holidays, my sMother's extended visit, requisite outings for holiday cheer (way too many cocktails of the Stoli vodka variety), numerous dinners out, birthday celebrations, and all the family dramas ... oh, the DRAMA of it all ... but that is a very long post for another day (or very expensive therapy sessions).

So it is a New Year and I'm going to focus on the New Me (ok, maybe not "New" but definitely "Improved"). I never liked making New Year resolutions; I make them at least every Monday so I don't need to make any special ones just because a New Year has started. I do like to start each year looking back at all the good things that happened, what I learned from the bad things, who the important people in my life are, who are the toxic people who I need to distance myself from and what I can do going forward to make a better life for myself in the coming year.

I still have a hard time believing I turned 40 this year and I keep hearing Peggy Lee singing "Is that all there is?" I'm not getting any younger and if there are things I'm going to accomplish in my life I better get my ass in gear, right? This year I am determined to reach some of my goals.

It wasn't easy but I didn't make myself crazy over every cookie or "bad" food I ate, I didn't get on the scale everyday and I tried to get in some form of exercise everyday and I'm exactly the same weight I was before the holidays. How f'd up is that? I could barely lose a damn pound watching every bit of food and working out like crazy but when I stopped doing that, ate pretty much what I wanted and certainly overindulged on the holiday sweetness and I maintained the same weight? That is messed up.

So this is it, this is the year, 2008 is my year of change. I'm going to eat healthy foods and not beat myself up if I eat something "bad" 'cause you know I will; I'm going to exercise with determination (no walking on the treadmill barely breaking a sweat, I need to get wet and sweat it out regularly). No more excuses.

That is my plan for 2008 but I haven't been able to get past the starting line because I'm sick as a dog. As soon as the ball dropped, sMother went back home, and I kissed hello, merry, merry, happy, happy with every germ carrier I find myself on the NyQuil diet. It is certainly not how I wanted to kick start the New Year. I've been wiped out with a sore throat, sniffling, sneezing, coughing, fever and an extremely achy body so I've been on the very popular NyQuil diet (day and night) for over a week. UGGHHH! I've been too exhausted to even get on the computer at night let alone work out. I'm focusing on getting some much needed rest, lots of fluids and bottles of NyQuil. I hope to be back in fighting form and ready to win this battle I am waging on my fat cells after a weekend of taking it easy.

Time for another dose of NyQuil. Good Night.


  1. Yes, take it easy and get better soon!

  2. yes I too was on that diet all week! and lol, I lost a lot of weight this week! heres hoping you will too. I know how frustrating it is to stay in the same place, especially a lot of hard work. but it WILL pay off.

  3. I hpe you feel better soon. It's hard being sick, while as the same time, wanting to get started with something else.

    Rest well...........

  4. I hope you get to feeling better soon!


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