Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Amazing Weight Loss Method ...

I don't recommend it but I stumbled upon an amazing weight loss method. B has lost over 20 pounds in less than three weeks by not eating, taking a boatload of medicine and when he does actually get a bit of food down he ends up hurling. It is not pretty but it sure is effective for getting rid of excess pounds.

B was discharged from the hospital last Sunday even though he was not feeling any better. He hasn't been able to keep anything down and and they have no good explanation. After running CT scans, MRIs and blood tests they basically found no reason for the pain. The tests results are basically normal aside from a slight sinus infection and elevated blood pressure. They officially diagnosed him with severe sinusitis, then migraines and now they think it may be cluster headaches.

I feel horrible leaving him every day to go to work when he can barely get out of bed to take his medicine. He actually managed to have a few bites of pastina tonight and so far so good we haven't seen it come back. I'm praying he has turned the corner and the worst is behind him. I'm so exhausted from being up every night and working all day. I hope you never experience this kind of pain or have to watch someone you love go through it. It is brutal.

I'm really bummed about this coming weekend too. We had non-refundable tickets for the annual Mt. Washington ATV ride this Sunday but it doesn't look like we're going to make it. I guess there's always next year.


  1. you hang in there..that sounds rough, for the both of you!

  2. My heart goes out to both of you! I hope he's turned the corner, too...maybe you can use the weekend for some much needed recovery time of your own

  3. I love you so much nurse Mish! :o) Don't count that ride just out yet! Right now we are at 25% . If anyone can get me better I know it will be you. I do love that ride in the clouds. Ate something this morning and keeping it down will be the test. This can be a good weekend X (fingers crossed )! LUV U.


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