Thursday, July 9, 2009

Two Faced Man in the Mirror

Why do we wait until people are dead to appreciate them?

I've been home on sickcation all week so I've been watching way more tv than usual. I'm shocked at the non-stop media coverage over Michael Jackson's death. Not because the King of Pop doesn't deserve to be recognized for his talent but because 98% of these celebrities and media people who are crying their hearts out over his death are the same people that were calling him wacko jacko and slinging his name through the mud for the past four years.

In my heart I never believed MJ was guilty of hurting those kids. He seemed like such a kid himself who was never allowed to be a child or have a normal life. I grew up listening and dancing to his music. I thought he was a brilliant performer and a very good looking guy until he went too far with the (obvious) plastic surgery. I think he loved Diana Ross so much he wanted to look just like her. I don't think he ever liked what he saw in the mirror and kept trying to change the face that looked back at him.

Does anyone remember who his accusers were and how much money they got? I honestly believe he was framed by some greedy people who knew how deep his pockets were and how easy it would be to suck the money of out them. We forget that people are innocent until proven guilty. He was never convicted but he was ridiculed and exiled for years.

I think we should appreciate and honor people while they are alive. Don't wait 'til they're dead and gone to show your love.


  1. When my son was talking to his grandma on the phone, he told her "Michael Jackson died." Her response: "Good." grrrr Wow, did that change his opinion of grandma in a heartbeat.

    I sat in a courtroom for 11 years. I never had an opinion one way or another on MJ, but I knew that being who he was, people would take advantage. I kind of like to take faith in our judicial system and the jury did find him not guilty. And the other that he settled out of court? Could have been just to stop the media attention/circus.

    OH, I forgot, you work in the legal profession too, right? So maybe we get what others don't.

    Only he knows, the alleged victim, and God. I hate child abuse, nothing ruffles my feathers more. We will never know for certain but we have to have faith in our system. !!

    I thought it was odd, too, everyone appeared to be on the wacko jacko band wagon (or however you spell it) and then when he dies, there is a huge shift.

    I thought he was nuts! I sure appreciated his music and generous nature, chairty, though. Shoot, I think I'm nuts, too. lol

    Bottom line is it was just very, very sad. Hopefully good will come of it.

  2. Hey thank you for the comment on the 20th, I am back... :-) Missed all my buds here. I'll explain in my post.


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